‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Chimes in on Post About Which Character From ‘The Muppets’ Should Host

by John Jamison

Ken Jennings knows what he’s talking about when it comes to “Jeopardy!” The prolific author, trivia master, and all-around game show whiz has experience as both contestant and host. And his status as one of the highest-earning players to ever compete on the show gives him credibility when people start throwing around hosting suggestions. Especially when the Muppets get involved.

In a recent Twitter exchange, the “Jeopardy!” legend responded to fellow game show champion Buzzy Cohen’s question about guest hosts. Cohen will host the upcoming Tournament of Champions for “Jeopardy!” all-stars from May 17-28. And his mind is clearly stuck on “Jeopardy!”

“Has @Jeopardy asked any of @TheMuppets to guest host? Kermit is probably too busy but maybe Jan or Rowlf? Pepe would be amazing but I think he would struggle with clue reads…” he wrote in his Tweet.

Ken being Ken, he had no choice but to chime in. “the power move here is calling Janice “Jan” like you briefly dated,” he responded on Twitter. And he kind of has a point. Is Buzzy really going to presume that he’s tight enough with the Muppets to be calling them by nicknames?

Either way, Buzzy Cohen dating a Muppet is a hilarious image. And the prospect of a Muppet getting behind the podium is actually kind of interesting. It would be relatively easy to pull off. Obviously, as Cohen stated, Kermit would be a tough get. But once they figure out Jan’s availability, there wouldn’t be much in the way to stop them. It definitely feels like the hosting position could be a good fit for any of the Muppets Buzzy listed.

It’s Not ‘Jeopardy!’ Ken Jennings’ First Time Dealing with Muppets

In 2004, the very same year that Ken Jennings went on his legendary “Jeopardy!” run of 74 straight wins, the young man appeared on Sesame Street.

It was during Season 36 of the long-running show, and the segment saw him mixing it up with Grover. Playing around with Jennings’ reason for fame, Grover asked him to name something sweet and full of vitamins. In true contestant fashion, Jennings answered in the form of a question. “What is a fruit?” he said on the show.

So, weirdly enough, Ken Jennings’ own relationship to the Muppets is on slightly more casual terms than Buzzy Cohen’s. It feels like Ken should be the one out there calling Janice “Jan” instead.