‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Hilariously References ‘Dead Poets Society’ After Atlanta Hawks Win

by Clayton Edwards

The Atlanta Hawks pulled off a big win last night. Now, they’re headed to the conference finals. Most sports fans can agree that Kevin Huerter was the driving force behind their win over the 76ers. So, the young shooting guard is getting plenty of attention on the internet and in the media today. All of the regular outlets and personalities have something to say about the Hawks’ win and Huerter. However, some unexpected voices are piping up as well. One of those unexpected voices is Ken Jennings.

However, Ken Jennings taking an interest in the NBA conference playoffs shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. He has shown himself to be a sports fan, after all. While commenting on the last night’s game, Jennings posted a photo of Hawks’ shooting guard and made a deep-cut reference to the 1989 teen drama Dead Poets Society. You can always count on Jennings to make an off-the-wall reference. But, even if it is a little out of leftfield, the joke landed. Check out the tweet below.

In the post, Ken Jennings shared a tweet from Astead Herndon, Herndon is a political reporter for the New York Times and political analyst for CNN. However, he took a moment to comment on the game as well. In his tweet, he posted a photo of Huerter saying, “Imagine this guy ends your season.” To be fair, the young ginger doesn’t look like he would be an NBA star. Looks can be deceiving, though.

Ken Jennings added his own humor to the repost. He said, “First he sold out the Dead Poets Society and now this.”

Decoding Ken Jennings’ Deep Cut Reference

Ken Jennings is all about pop culture references. However, sometimes he goes a little deeper than others. So, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t get the reference here.

The Dead Poets Society centers around an unorthodox teacher played by Robin Williams. He inspires the boys in his prestigious prep academy to be individuals. In doing so, he inadvertently inspires them to rekindle the defunct and unsanctioned Dead Poets Society. They meet in a cave in secret to read poetry and prose. Some even bring their own material.

The strict headmaster finds out about the club and coerces many of the members to place the blame on Williams’ character. The first to sell him out was a boy named Richard Cameron. He gave up all the names of the Dead Poets Society members and blamed the whole thing on their unorthodox teacher. It just so happens that Dylan Kussman, who played Cameron bears a striking resemblance to the Hawks’ shooting guard.

However, Ken Jennings wasn’t the first to make the connection.