‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Delivers Epic Dad Joke About Meetings, Bagels

by Shelby Scott

Outsiders love a good dad joke and “Jeopardy!” icon Ken Jennings just delivered the best, albeit simplest, one we’ve heard in a while. Check it out below.

The little joke puts a twist on the common phrase/request, “Please be seated.” And while meetings are sometimes cool because you can step away from the grueling every day and, occasionally be greeted by bagels, Jennings’ joke takes the cake on workplace dad jokes.

Personally, the only way I’ll eat a seeded bagel is if it’s an everything bagel; you won’t find me looking for anything with sesame seeds on purpose. However, if every workplace meeting saw a preface with an equally epic bagel joke, I think I would gladly “be seeded.”

Ken Jennings Continues to Live Lightheartedly Following ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Announcement

Ken Jennings is frequently found sharing simple humor and memes on social media. However, it is evident he’s still processing the disappointment he felt at not being chosen as the next “Jeopardy!” host. The reigning show champion grew up watching the show and, following graduation from university, pursued his “Jeopardy!” dreams. Following his first victory, the champion collected 74 consecutive wins total. He later began working behind the scenes on the show.

Nevertheless, following the snub, Jennings turned to Twitter. The platform serves as a common outlet for the champion, and he expressed his relief that “Jeopardy!” producers made a decision concerning the new host. He also expressed relief that the try-out “carousel” could end. Prior, however, he wrote, “In hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have insisted to Jeopardy that I host every episode while eating a loud, juicy apple.”

“Jeopardy!” fans and Jennings supporters continue to express their sorrow and disappointment. Additionally, others shared sympathy for the beloved segment producer, adding a comical twist with, “I thought you were a great host, apples or not.”

Ken Jennings Received Special Gifts From Alex Trebek and Widow

While “Jeopardy!” fans continue to show support for the long-running “Jeopardy!” champion, previous show host Alex Trebek’s widow made it relatively clear that the beloved Trebek intended for Jennings to be the next host.

Prior to his first time hosting the game show and standing at the lectern, Jennings received a pair of Trebek’s cufflinks, incredibly significant as the two grew to be friends since the younger man’s time on the show. Additionally, he found a letter, written by hand by the famous show host’s widow.

Jennings never revealed what she wrote in the note but there is little doubt as to who Trebek intended the next host to be. It probably equates to part of the reasoning why both Jennings and fans experienced so much disappointment. Nevertheless, Jennings accepted the decision without negative commentary and has retained his behind-the-scenes position on the show.