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‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Drops Hilarious Post on What His Kid Thinks a Weathervane is Called

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage/Getty Images)

There really aren’t many things better in life than being an innocent child and getting things wrong. Most importantly, there was never anything wrong with getting things incorrect. And best of all, everyone just thought it was cute. Unfortunately, that wears off fairly quickly. But, for Jeopardy!’s Ken Jennings, his kid seems to be in the blissful state of unknowing.

Ken Jennings has been on a social media tear for a while now. He has been constantly making jokes on Twitter about various things. So, his latest tweet is a reflection of the comedic aspects he has been bringing to social media.

In the tweet, the Jeopardy! superstar shares what his son thinks a weathervane is called. Certainly, this is a relatable notion. It would probably be an anomaly if you as a child didn’t get something similar to this wrong. Nonetheless, he writes that “My kid just called a weathervane a ‘wind chicken,’ and I almost think that could catch on.”

“Jeopardy!” Legend, Ken Jennings, Loves to Make Jokes on Social Media

This is not the first time that Ken Jennings has shared a hilarious quip to Twitter. In fact, he does so quite regularly.

He took to Twitter to share his thoughts on how quickly news stories break in the media. He tweeted that he is “Starting to think I will never see a pop-science news story quickly enough to do the ‘New ___ just dropped’ tweet.”

His tweet from April 10, sounds like he would enjoy being able to share news when a pop-science story breaks. His tweet got plenty of attraction for its comedic value, but also people sympathize with the Jeopardy! guest host.

In another explanation of Jenning’s comedic gold, he recently had a hilarious take on Indiana Jones. In response to Pheobe Waller-Bridge joining the cast, he issues a simple tweet. It is undoubtedly a mimicking of Indiana Jones’ sidekick, Short Round.

The Jeopardy! star wrote, “LOOK INDY, STRONG BRIDGE! STRONG BRIDGE!”

His comedic genius is a breath of fresh air these days. He is constantly dropping comments like this around social media and is quickly becoming a must-follow.