‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Hilariously Asks ‘What’s His Deal?’ to ‘Man’ Watching Him in Elevator

by John Jamison

It wouldn’t feel like Friday without a hilarious tweet from “Jeopardy!” legend Ken Jennings. And the social media and game show superstar has done it once again. This time, though, his joke doesn’t require very much deciphering. All he wants is to know what’s wrong with the creepy guy in the elevator.

And he’s right to complain. Who does this guy think he is? Immaculately dressed, leaning up against the elevator wall, smirking at everyone who’s casually trying to go up and down.

“Hate this guy in the elevator. What’s his deal?” Jennings wrote in the tweet.

What is his deal, Ken? We’re with you.

If the photo hasn’t given it away yet, the creepy man is nothing more than a photo plastered onto the elevator wall, presumably adding to the décor. And the “Jeopardy!” star’s observation is just for the sake of comedy. But still, going with a lifesized black and white photo of a besuited man leaning against the wall was a bold choice for elevator art. And it’s slightly unsettling.

For one, the tile floor in the wallpaper doesn’t even match the elevator floor. Was that intentional? Would the man have felt too real otherwise? Perhaps, but after reading some of the responses from the “Jeopardy!” star’s fans, there are more important questions to address.

‘Jeopardy!’ Ken Jennings’ Twitter Followers Chime In

Now, whether or not Ken Jennings frequents this elevator on a regular basis is a mystery. Based on Ken’s tweet, however, we hope these two don’t cross paths very often, or a fight may need to be broken up. Although… that fight would probably make a lot of money on pay-per-view.

But beef between the “Jeopardy!” legend and the flat elevator man aside, Jennings’ Twitter followers jumped in with some funny takes of their own.

“Check the eyes they’re probably fake and removable for spying purposes,” wrote one Twitter user. And this one can’t be unread. A man behind the man? Spying on elevator occupants through empty eyes? Terrifying.

Another wrote, “Don’t escalate the situation.” Now that is a Ken Jennings-appropriate response. A little play on words with the purpose of an elevator and Ken’s hostility.

Only one Twitter user had a true answer for Jennings’ original question, however. What’s the flat man’s deal?

A winning response. The elevator man is just like the rest of us… but with considerably more ups and downs. So maybe cut him some slack, Ken. He’s living on an emotional rollercoaster.