‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Hilariously Reacts to ‘Indiana Jones’ New Casting

by Will Shepard

Ken Jennings continues to light Twitter on fire with hilarious comments. Even though he is known for his Jeopardy! prowess, of late, he has been on fire on social media.

Recently, Indiana Jones added a big name to the fifth movie in the franchise. Lucasfilm, on April 9, released a press release about their latest casting choice for the upcoming blockbuster. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is going to join series lead Harrison Ford for the newest and possibly last installment of the franchise.

Responding to a tweet about the newest addition to the cast, Ken Jennings had a hilarious take on it. As always, the Jeopardy! star’s wit is almost unparalleled. Jennings mimicked the speech of one of Indiana Jones’ famous sidekicks Short Round. The duo appeared in the film “Temple of Doom” together. And the character often commented on hazards that Jones faced.

On Twitter, Jennings wrote, ” LOOK INDY, STRONG BRIDGE! STRONG BRIDGE!”

Ken Jennings Is a Certified ‘Jeopardy!’ Star and Working on Becoming a Twitter Star Too

Since his Jeopardy! guest-hosting stint, Ken Jennings has taken his talents to Twitter. This is not the only example of Ken Jennings crafting an extraordinarily hilarious tweet.

Over the past few months, Ken Jennings has been on a comedic tear on social media. He has been posing questions and scenarios to his followers. Those questions that the Jeopardy! star asks are either comedic gold or brain busters.

But, he also tackles everyday topics like what people are going to be doing once they leave quarantine. For instance, he crafted an amazing response to a woman wondering about the quarantine effect.

“We all sort of went into lockdown at once, but we are re-emerging back into life in different ways, and it can feel isolating,” the user wrote. “I don’t have anyone on my exact same page, and I imagine none of us really do. Everyone seems to be in insane party mode or total avoidance.”

The Jeopardy! star made sure his response had all of the perfect comedic aspects to it. His response is certainly perfect.

“Anybody coming out lockdown slower than me is an idiot. And anyone doing it faster is a maniac.”

Ken Jennings has also dabbled into the world of theoretical tweets. He has promoted his own site with similar brain busters as Jeopardy! And, of course, he adds the occasional hilarious response to other users.