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‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Makes Funny Reference to Canada’s Border Restrictions With New Photo

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

Ken Jennings is a trivia icon. He is the longest-running Jeopardy! champ in history. With a 70+ game-winning streak, he probably won’t be dethroned any time soon. At the same time, he has made appearances on several other quiz-based shows. Currently, he’s one of the in-house geniuses on The Chase on ABC. However, that’s not where his talent stops.

Ken Jennings also has a killer sense of humor. He’s one of those guys who can take a simple observation and turn it into a real knee-slapper of a joke. He did just that in a recent tweet. Last night, he wanted to know why Canada’s closed border wasn’t able to keep out one of the country’s most famous nuisances.

In the tweet, Ken Jennings posted a photo of three Canadian geese. As usual, Jennings asks the hard-hitting questions in the caption. This time he wants to know why the American people still have to deal with the highly aggressive and noisy birds. After all, our northern border has been closed for months. The only exception to the closure is essential travel.

On one hand, it could be that Canadian geese don’t know the border is closed. Then again, it could be that they don’t care. Have you ever dealt with one of these things? They don’t care about much of anything. They’re the junkyard dogs of the bird world. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were crossing that closed border on purpose, just to add to their long list of crimes. That probably isn’t the case, though.

Bad News for Ken Jennings

As it turns out, Canadian geese don’t need to worry about the border. This isn’t just because they’re geese and don’t have to adhere to our laws. It is because they aren’t migrating here anymore. They live here. That’s right, the Canadian goose is now part of the American ecosystem. So, Ken Jennings and the rest of the population are just going to have to deal with them. Calling Border Patrol or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police isn’t going to help.

Ken Jennings lives in the Pacific Northwest, somewhere around Seattle. However, the geese aren’t just an issue there. According to Western Pest Control, a New England-based company, Canadian geese live in every one of the continental United States. Likewise, they live in every Canadian province. You can even find these birds in New Zealand and Europe. However, in those regions, they are considered invasive species.

So, to answer Ken Jennings’ question, we still have to deal with these jokers because they are our problem now. Thanks a lot, Canada.