‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Hilariously Gets on Meme Trend with Blackberries and ‘The Shield’ Tweet

by Jon D. B.

With a sad face and heaps of defeat, the Jeopardy! legend is letting fans know he’s unable to participate in the Delta Variant meme trend.

Oh, Ken. You treasure. His latest tweet is all the more noteworthy because we know how much the man loves a good meme. But alas, it shall not be. Not this time.

“My August plans were to pick blackberries and maybe re-watch The Shield so I can’t do the meme,” tweets Jeopardy! icon Ken Jennings with a sad face.

Jennings is referencing, of course, the “My Fall Plans / The Delta Variant” meme that’s currently taking the internet by storm. And while he may be “unable” to make one himself (you can if you really want to, Ken), that’s not stopping Jeopardy! fans from sending him their own:

Fan Anne gets a homerun on Jennings’ behalf with her National Lampoon’s Vacation variant of the Delta Variant meme. So at least he’ll have this one.

The internet specializes in making fun out of very un-fun situations, after all. So leave it to sharp Jeopardy! fans to bring their A-Game.

No one, however, has a better response than Jeopardy! fan Hannah Kirkland. With her own variation of the popular meme, Kirkland absolutely nails it:

We wish it was you, too, Ken. We really do.

Jeopardy!’s Ken Jennings May Have His Seasons Wrong

Some fans are playing along with responses like “Oh. The Shield. Poor Lem just wanted a burrito…” And “Great rewatch, starts to lose a little steam in the 4th season but totally worth the rewatch…”

Some are even going the extra mile in their agreeance, like Jeopardy! fan Heather who asks “Do you sometimes eat blackberries straight from the bush?”

What an absolutely wholesome question, Heather. Especially for Twitter.

Other fans, though, are letting Jennings know that he may, in fact, have his seasons out of whack.

“The meme is for fall plans. Fall doesn’t start until late September. You can make the meme!” replies Yeet the Rich! (No one tell him Ken Jennings is a rich man).

Followers like Todd R. are a bit more forthcoming: “I mean, August isn’t in the fall, so you still have a chance,” responds Todd.

They have a point. Ken’s lamenting is entirely in jest, we’re sure. But the man is the All-Time-Champ of Jeopardy! Is it too much to ask that fans expect him to have his seasons straight?

For those playing the home game, fall – or autumn, as it is known to the rest of the world – fall begins here in North America on September 22, 2021. And believe it or not, it lasts for the majority of December, too.

Indeed, fall ends on December 21, 2021. So Ken, buddy, you have plenty of time to make that meme.