‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Posts Hysterical ‘Options’ for Viewing, Asks Fans for Suggestions

by Charles Craighill

Last night, Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings asked his Twitter followers to help him pick out what to watch for the night. Let’s just say, the options were limited. On Twitter, the Jeopardy! host posted a picture of five DVDs of “Rodeo Bloopers” 6-10, asking his followers which one to watch. Perhaps the more appropriate question would be not which one to watch, but how do they have 10 versions?

“Help me decide what to watch,” Ken Jennings inquired along with the picture of the five DVDs. One fan gave probably the best answer with “none of the above.”

Jeopardy! Fans Call For Ken Jennings

While this Jeopardy! fan suggested not to watch any Rodeo Bloopers, some fans have gone as far as to boycott Jeopardy! If they do not instate Ken Jennings as a permanent host. On Twitter recently, Jennings reposted a Tweet from a fan that suggested a boycott if those demands are not met. Jennings appreciated the compliment but urged not to follow through on the thought.

“Well, know we are not watching anything on ABC7 in New York,” the fan wrote to Ken Jennings on Twitter. “Until you are properly back on Jeopardy! for good. Really ;)”

While Ken Jennings showed gratitude for his fan’s love, he also showed love for the show he hosted. “This is a very kind show of support,” Jennings responded to the Tweet. “But please: do not boycott Jeopardy! If you do that, you miss Jeopardy!

Jennings certainly has a point to make here. If fans boycott Jeopardy!, they won’t get to watch Jeopardy! While the concept seems obvious and redundant, it has truth to it. A Jeopardy! without Ken Jennings is better than no Jeopardy! at all. As of now, the show’s hosting privileges have been passed off to Mike Richards, the Executive Producer, after Jennings’ six-week stint on the show.

Mike Richards has received positive reviews from viewers, however, they cannot decide who they like more. Ken Jennings took over after the death of the long-time host, Alex Trebek in the fall.