‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Posts Hilarious ‘Wild Party’ Pic From His Kids Sleepover

by Madison Miller

You may know Ken Jennings as the ultimate “Jeopardy!” champion or even a guest host of the trivia show, but his kids just know him as dad.

Jennings is married to his wife, Mindy. The couple has two kids together — a son named Dylan born in 2002 and a daughter named Caitlin born in 2006.

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made parenting a bit different, Jennings and his wife are still adjusting.

Ken Jennings Hilarious Picture

The “Jeopardy!” icon posted a photo on Twitter that he captioned, “The kids are having their first sleepover post-pandemic and it looks like the party got pretty wild.”

It seems like one of his kids or their friends cracked open a fresh can of some hearts of palm. This is a type of white vegetable that is harvested from a palm tree. It’s not really the typical go-to snack at a slumber party, but it seems to have gotten the job done. The can appears empty, after all.

It’s another one of Jennings’s very dad moments, which he happens to share quite frequently on Twitter. He’s got 474,000 followers on Twitter as of now. If he’s selected as the full-time “Jeopardy!” host he may even see that number slowly climb.

Chicago’s WGN Radio asked him if fans could expect him as the future permanent host of the show. He answered, “I have no idea. Someone needs to decide this summer because I’ve heard they want to have a new permanent host lined up for next year and of course they start shooting those shows during the summer,” Jennings said.

He’s got his “fingers crossed” he may end up the permanent host.

The producers of “Jeopardy!” have stated that they hope to select a replacement and announce it by late summer. They want the replacement to be in place as filming for the next season begins. Jennings was the first guest host directly following the tragic death of the beloved longtime host, Alex Trebek. He hosted for six weeks instead of two like all the other guest hosts. It was so producers could finalize a schedule of hosts for the rest of the season.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Dad Moment

It seems like Ken Jennings has gotten relatively close with fellow “Jeopardy!” genius James Holzhauer. He had a 32-game streak back in 2019 and Jennings had a 74-game streak in 2004.

While they have appeared in different tournaments and even another show, “The Chase,” together, that doesn’t appear to be enough time spent side-by-side.

Holzhauer posted a photo of the pair at a Seattle Mariners game together. He poked fun at Jennings and captioned it, “48000 seats at T-Mobile and I had to pick this one.”

In a very dad fashion, Jennings replied “You buy a ticket in the ‘Game Show Dad’ section, you take your chances.”