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‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Gives Sly Response After Fan Asks if He’ll Host Show Again

by Jon D. B.
(Peggy Sirota/ABC via Getty Images)

Two things are always a given with Ken Jennings: his ‘Jeopardy!’ prowess and some good ol’ fashioned sarcasm. One diehard fan of the show found this out today on Twitter as she asks the former interim host if he’ll ever return to host.

How ’bout it, ‘Jeopardy!’ fans? Want to see Ken Jennings back behind the trademark podium? As the late Alex Trebek’s own protege, many think Jennings is the natural successor to his mentor. Yet plenty of fans are all-in for the show’s producer and follow-up host, Mike Richards. And with prolific individuals like Katie Couric up next to host, will Jennings ever come back?

Twitter ‘Jeopardy!’ fan Lisa Britt wants to know – and she’s going straight for the source.

“Hey Ken. Question: will you be returning to hosting Jeopardy! in the near future?” Britt asks on Twitter Sunday. “I really enjoyed watching you in action. It was wonderful & I truly feel that Alex Trebek was smiling from heaven. Hope you’ll be back soon. #bringbackkenjennings,” she concludes.

In the world of Twitter, celebrity responses are far from a guarantee. In fact, one might say there’s a better chance of winning the local lottery than having a Twitter celeb take the time to tweet back.

Little did Lisa Britt know, however, that today is her lucky day.

“Anything’s possible. Write your Congressperson,” Jennings replies tongue-in-cheek. Surely Britt is over the moon.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Loved Ken Jennings as Host, As Did Producers

Britt isn’t the only fan of Jennings on Twitter, either. Once his hosting tenure was up, viewers lit up the social media platform with praise for Trebek’s immediate successor.

“You are awesome Ken. I’m sure Alex is so proud of the job you’ve done. I hope in the end you will be the new permanent host,” another fan wrote to him on Twitter. “Your love of and (commitment) to the game shows and you belong there. Thanks for all.”

“This record setting former Jeopardy! contestant is really the only clear heir to Alex’s throne – (Answer: “Who is @KenJennings?”)” another fan cleverly tweets in form of a ‘Jeopardy!’ clue.

Yet it’s not just fans who have the highest of praise for Jennings. Producer and fellow host Mike Richards, too, is singing his praises following his hosting gig.

Ken did an amazing job; that’s why we picked him to do it,” Richards reveals point-blank in our previous coverage.

The Producer goes a step further, stating that Jennings “did better than I thought, and my expectations were incredibly high. I think he was the perfect person to come onto the stage after Alex. Our fans, our staff and crew are all familiar with him. He came out, said the right things, was humbled by the situation, addressed the elephant in the room right away and said no one’s going to replace Alex, and they’re not. It’s a fool’s errand,” Richards continues.

“Ken hosted the show as Ken,” he caps off his praise. For ‘Jeopardy!’ fans, there’s nothing more we could’ve asked for.