‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Reveals Who His Kids Want to Replace Alex Trebek

by Madison Miller

After months of guest hosts and watching as the baton of “Jeopardy!” host is passed around, everyone has an opinion on who should be announced as the full-time host of the beloved trivia show.

The person has big shoes to fill. Alex Trebek was the empathetic and loveable host of the show for 37 years until he passed away from pancreatic cancer in November 2020.

Ken Jennings was there to fill in directly after his death. The “Jeopardy!” champion is known for his 74-game streak on the show back in 2004. He was the guest host for six weeks until the title began going from celebrity to celebrity.

While he’s not hosting or talking about “Jeopardy!”, Ken Jennings has a lot on his plate. He is a full-time dad and also is currently teaching a virtual Varsity Tutors class for kids. It is free of charge and is on August 11 at 6 p.m. ET. His goal is to spread the love for trivia to young kids.

Clearly, Jennings is a fan of educating and sharing his passion with kids. That includes his own 18 and 14-year-old kids. As it turns out, they’d love to see their father pursuing his passion for trivia on the big screen full-time.

In an interview with Yahoo! Life, Jennings was asked who his kids have mentioned they want to see as the host.

“I think it’s me, actually! So they can go to Los Angeles more often [laughs]. When they were younger, they probably would’ve wanted Bob the Builder,” Kennings said.

Ken Jennings And The Search For A ‘Jeopardy!’ Host

Ken Jennings, like some of the other guest hosts, has expressed an interest in filling in full-time.

In an interview with MyEdmondsNews, Jennings spoke about what it’s like for Sony Entertainment to fill that prestigious role and how terrifying it is to host after a legend like Alex Trebek.

“I did feel like at the end, I was almost starting to get comfortable, I was starting to enjoy it a little bit. I think with time I am starting to figure this out. So I do hope I get another chance … It’s an extremely hard job. You’re running the show in real-time like a referee. You have to read a clue, you have to look up and see what they buzzed in, and as they are answering you have to adjudicate what they are saying and then move on appropriately. Alex Trebek did it with such grace, you didn’t really notice how hard it was. My heart goes out to anybody brave enough to try that job,” Jennings said.

Meanwhile, Variety reported that Executive Producer Mike Richards is in advanced talks for the full-time gig. Both teams just have to approve the terms and conditions and reach a common ground. Nothing is finalized yet and there has been no official announcement from the “Jeopardy!” team.

Jennings did beat Richards in terms of ratings, however. The Wrap reported that Jennings had an average Nielsen rating of 6.0, which made him the guest host with the highest rating. This is a bit skewed. Most viewers had a general interest in who was filling in for Trebek, which brought in more viewers initially. This interest extended into Richards’ time on the show, but then slowly tapered off as more guest hosts came on the show.