Jeopardy’s Ken Jennings Takes Swipe at Tom Brady Over ‘GOAT’ Debate

by Matthew Wilson

“Jeopardy!” star and guest host Ken Jennings is calling out Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady in the greatest of all-time debate.

Jennings questioned if “Jeopardy!” counts as a sport. And if so, well Brady better watch out, because Jennings is throwing his own name into the ring. On Twitter, he wrote, “Look, we’re all thinking it: this all hinges on whether or not Jeopardy! counts as a sport.”

The debate over who’s the GOAT is an interesting one. In Brady’s case, he’s won 7 Super Bowls with 10 championship appearances across his long and successful career. The most recent came this past Sunday (Feb. 7) in a match-up against the Kansas City Chiefs. Brady became the oldest quarterback to ever win the championship at 43-years-old, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

The Case For Ken Jennings

On the other hand, Jennings literally has a trophy that says “Greatest of All Time” on it. If “Jeopardy!” was a sport, then Jennings would definitely be considered the best. He first rose to prominence in the early 2000s on the show. In 2004, Jennings went on a 74-game winning streak. All those wins added up to a comfortable $2.52 million.

In early 2020, Jennings competed in a “Greatest of All Time” tournament against James Holzhauer. Jennings was nervous about the match-up. Holzhauer had taken the “Jeopardy!” world by storm with his more modern tactics. For instance, he jumped around categories looking for Daily Doubles and he would risk large portions of his money at a time.

Holzhauer had long been compared to Jennings’ run. And the two opponents were about to see which of their styles would win out.

“I had this sudden epiphany where I realized, ‘If this is going to be your last time playing ‘Jeopardy!’ just go enjoy it. It’s certainly going to be your last time playing with Alex (Trebek) there. Just enjoy every minute,’” Jennings told the Deseret News. “I kind of went out on that stage with that goal in mind, just to really have a good time.”

Ultimately, Jennings took home the grand prize and cemented his legacy in the game.

The truth is there are many GOATs in many different fields or areas. But as for the ultimate GOAT? There’s really only one way to settle this debate: Jennings and Brady must take each other on in their respective strengths. But we doubt Jennings could beat Brady at football anymore than Brady could beat Jennings at “Jeopardy!”