‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Offers ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ to Wine-Ordering Man on His Flight

by Will Shepard

If you’re reading this, you probably already have a good idea of who Ken Jennings is. If not, it’s well past time that you read up on the Jeopardy! superstar. He is arguably one of the wittiest people on Twitter these days.

His posts are can’t-miss stuff. He provides a unique social commentary, that more often than not is utterly amazing. Likely, three-quarters of the things he posts to his social media account are hilarious. Because his tweets are so witty, there is usually a part of the tweet that is educational. However, that is not always the case.

So today, May 23, was no exception to this rule. Apparently, Ken Jennings was flying somewhere today and had a hilarious little snippet of conversation to share.

Apparently, a guy on the Jeopardy! king’s flight wanted to have an adult beverage. Consequently, the man ordered one for himself. But, this person’s order wasn’t quite right.

Jennings tweeted about what happened. He said, “The man next to me on this plane ordered white wine, and when told it was a Chardonnay said, ‘I guess it’ll have to do.’ Thoughts and prayers!”

The Jeopardy! legend could tweet about a spider the size of a dinner plate and it would still be hilarious. That is an incredibly unique talent to possess. Thankfully, though, Jennings shares it with his nearly 500,000 followers.

The “Jeopardy!” Icon Tweets About Hilarious Things on a Daily Basis

Ken Jennings entertains his social media followers, but he also used his wit to entertain the late Jeopardy! host.

Back in 2004, Jennings went on an incredible 74-game winning streak. Alex Trebek took note of this insane feat. He called Jennings the “perfect storm” of a contestant. Trebek noticed what everyone knows now, that Jennings has a rare combination of smarts and humor.

Yesterday, the “Greatest of All-time Jeopardy!” champion cracked another joke. In a different way, he was making fun of another person. However, this time he added on some really good insight into the science of the human body.

As Ken Jennings said in the tweet, someone described how they told him that they don’t drink very much water. That on its own is shocking. Water is the most important thing for humans in the world. It is also an incredibly important part of what makes the world run. Almost everything needs it to survive. So, Jennings was shocked to hear this.

Ken Jennings hilariously pointed this out on his Twitter account. “My dude, you are 75% water.” Then, the Jeopardy! icon replied to his original tweet, adding another element to it. He said that this person who wasn’t drinking water is an example of a “Self-hating, carbon-based life.”