‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Takes Playful Shot at Tournament of Champions Host Buzzy Cohen

by Jon D. B.

Of all the clubs to join, the Jeopardy! All-Time-Champs group seems like the place to be, and mostly for Ken Jennings’ priceless dry humor.

Oh, to be a playful genius. Sure, the dress code may be a bit questionable, but best of the best Ken Jennings and Buzzy Cohen are great pals both on and off the game show. Twitter followers play witness to their banter on an almost daily basis, and it is pure gold.

Friday is no different. But this time, the jabs come courtesy of an up-and-coming champ, Sam Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh is a self-professed “former Jeopardy champ” as well as an “upcoming Jeopardy Tournament of Champions contestant”. As such, he’s gearing up for 2021’s Tournament of Champions. And he’s a little confused…

“In case the host was my personal hero @KenJennings I taped a picture of him up behind my TV,” Kavanaugh tweets Friday. “To get over the self-consciousness I’d feel playing in front of the [GOAT] I drew a mustache on him.”

Ken Jennings‘ priceless response?

“I’m actually tearing up imagining how your face must have fallen when it turned out to be BUZZY instead.”

Two things. For those playing the home game, GOAT stand for Greatest Of All Time. Which is, in fact, Ken Jennings when it comes to Jeopardy!.

Secondly, Ken is not hosting the upcoming Tournament of Champions, as he hilariously states. Instead, that duty falls to his former competitor turned lifelong friend & game show co-host, Buzzy Cohen.

One for dry banter himself, Sam Kavanaugh quickly saves his own hide:

“Buzzy is also in my personal-hero supergroup though, so the effect was the same,” he replies to Jennings, before noting that said group is made up of “Sony property only: Ken, Buzzy, Andrew Garfield as Spiderman, the middle child from The Goldbergs.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Champs are Multi-Generational Pals

Of their playful spat, Kavanaugh continues that “One of my biggest concerns in preparing for the ToC was not knowing who the host is, and being unable to anticipate their cadence (I buzz in with a mix of voice-anticipation & lights-reaction).”

As for Buzzy Cohen, the “2017 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions Winner and J! All Stars Captain” (also see: AAU National Deadlift Champion) has yet to respond to Sam or Ken.

Cohen is, however, absolutely delighted to be hosting the upcoming Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. His nephew is just as excited, too.

“Same emotion when I found out I was hosting @Jeopardy #TournamentOfChampions,” the champ posted to Twitter April 15. Within is a video his sister sent of his nephew, who’s reaction to “Uncle Buzzy” hosting Jeopardy! is priceless:

Buzzy, who was given the nickname “Mr. Personality” by the late, great Alex Trebek himself, has already taped his Tournament of Champions hosting gig.  

The tournament is set to air May 17-28, so get ready, Jeopardy! fans!