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‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Weighs in on Fan’s Hilarious Plan to Trick the System on ‘Final Jeopardy’

by Will Shepard
(Ron Batzdorff via Getty Images)

Does Ken Jennings have someone running his Twitter account? It might be the only sensible explanation because the greatest Jeopardy! player of all time does not miss anything.

On April 15, there was an interesting query put to social media about “Final Jeopardy!.” The question raised a lot of eyebrows about the show. Even though it might not have been the most logically sound argument there has ever been, it was certainly entertaining.

Online user Respected Gentleperson took to Twitter with a unique theory about the game show. He had a sure-fire way to win the show, at least theoretically.

The Twitter user posed a hypothetical scenario about the game show. What if he betted a negative amount and lost the Final Jeopardy round? Based on a math rule, the two negatives would cancel each other out and make a positive. So, the contestant would actually add to his total instead of losing money.

It’s a scenario that drew the attention of Jennings himself to wade in whether contestants can actually bet negative amounts and win. Surely, there must be some rule against it. Jennings would know having been on both sides of the game show himself.

Ken Jennings Chimed In on the Potential “Final Jeopardy!” Scenario

The online user, Respected Gentleperson, continued with the thread, questioning which guest host he could pull the stunt on.

Respected Gentleperson said that it would not work on Dr. Oz because he “doesn’t understand the math.” They also noted that Katie Couric would not let the scenario fly because she “doesn’t appreciate you being fresh.” However, the user did provide two guest hosts that it might work on.

They said that Aaron Rodgers would let it go because he is “easily convinced.” Then, most importantly, Twitter user said that Ken Jennings “would appreciate the cleverness.” And therefore, the Jeopardy! guest host would let it ride.

After Gentleperson was done explaining the “Final Jeopardy!” scenario, he pried Ken Jennings to respond. A little while later, they were graced with the guest host’s thoughts.

Jennings said that he “would be sadly doing the ‘This is the end. This is the end of dog racing’ thing from the Simpsons.”

In that Simpsons episode, the Simpson family and also their pet Santa’s Little Helper create chaos at a dog racing arena after Santa’s Little Helper sires a litter of puppies with the competition. In response, the announcer claims it is the end of the sport itself.

As always, Jennings’s wit cannot be matched. His game on social media is otherworldly. This latest hilarious retort is just another example of how the Jeopardy! great owns the internet.