‘Jeopardy!’: Late Host Alex Trebek Once Owned Rare Jaguar Roadster, Sold It For Shocking Amount

by Madison Miller
Photo by: David Becker/Getty Images

The late Alex Trebek used to drive around the streets of California in style. From his comedic banter with contestants and watching people earn thousands of dollars, Trebek earned a decent amount of money hosting “Jeopardy!”

However, before he even had those “Jeopardy!” checks, Trebek had splurged on a remarkable and rare Jaguar Roadster.

From Jaguar to ‘Jeopardy!’

According to The Things, Alex Trebek owned a 1956 Jaguar XK 140 MC Roadster. It was all-white with dark red leather seats. The epic roadster could reach Jaguar-like speeds. It is capable of reaching up to 140 mph, despite being from the 1950s. It does take the car about nine seconds to get to 60 mph.

Alex Trebek Jaguar crossing the block Sunday, November 24th.. This is Lot # 447, a 1956 Jaguar XK140MC with fantastic…

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So where is the “Jeopardy!” TV icon’s car now? Alex Trebek actually sold his car a very long time ago. According to Desert Sun, Robert Huntington, who jokes he can’t count the number of cars he’s had over the years, bought it off Trebek about 45 years ago. At the time the car was only worth $6,875.

When he decided to sell the car, Trebek hadn’t been a widely watched game show icon quite yet. In fact, he was the opposite. He was not well-known and he was struggling financially. He sold the car to help make ends meet. Although he may have struggled financially at one point, “Jeopardy!” helped Trebek never have to worry about money again.

His net worth was estimated to be somewhere around $75 million and his salary was close to $18 million.

The car was the investment of a lifetime. Not only did Alex Trebek once drive it, but it is a timeless and classic car. It has earned many First in Class awards at car shows around the nation. Huntington has put in a lot of restoration efforts to make the car the extreme quality it is now. It had a complete frame restoration as well as new details and upholstery added.

Alex Trebek’s Love for Cars

While Huntington put a lot of love into the car, he did eventually sell it at an auction called the Palm Springs McCormick’s Classic Car Auction in 2019. The car had not gotten a lot of time out on the road. It had about 72,000 miles on it when it was being sold at the auction. It’s unclear who bought the car and what the final deal was.

While Trebek once loved the flashy sports cars, he eventually switched over to a more casual ride. In his memoir, “The Answer Is … Reflections on My Life,” Trebek talks about his once strong love for expensive, fast cars. He then revealed he was perfectly content in his pickup truck. He had been quite the handyman and loved fixing things around the house.

Alex Trebek was driving a pickup truck in 2004 when he crashed in California. He reportedly had fallen asleep. The car had been airborne for about 40 feet before it landed in a ditch. Fortunately, he walked away uninjured. The game show host passed away last November following a battle with pancreatic cancer.