‘Jeopardy!’: Latest Winner Appeared on Hugely Popular ABC Sitcom

by Clayton Edwards

Jeopardy! has hosted some famous faces over the years. However, most of the time when an actor appears on the show it happens during a celebrity edition of the show. Over the years celebs of all stripes have competed on the classic quiz show. Usually, their winnings go to a charity of their choosing.

Recently, Jeopardy! has seen a few more famous faces. Since Alex Trebek’s passing last November, the show has featured a string of guest hosts. Big names like Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Katie Couric, and quiz show master Ken Jennings have all hosted. Currently, celebrated journalist Anderson Cooper is behind the lectern.

However, every now and then, a familiar face will pop up on a regular episode of Jeopardy!. The latest winner and current champion is one of those familiar faces. His name is Mike C. Nelson and he is no stranger to being in front of the camera.

The Latest ‘Jeopardy!’ Winner Has a Quickly-Growing Acting Career

Mike C. Nelson came into living rooms all over the country last night and did so in a big way. He won over $26,000 on the classic game show and will be coming back for more. However, it wasn’t the first time that he has been on peoples’ TV screens.

One of his most notable roles is that of Nurse Larry from the hugely popular ABC series Black-ish, according to IMDb. Since 2014, the reigning Jeopardy! champ has appeared in six episodes of the hit show. However, that isn’t his only role.

The latest Jeopardy! winner also appeared in two of the best-reviewed horror anthology films of the past few years. He was in a short film called “Horrific” that ended up as a segment in 2019’s horror-comedy collection Hellarious. The independently-made anthology film was loved by genre critics and audiences alike. More recently, Nelson appeared in The Mortuary Collection. The independent anthology film made the festival rounds in 2019 and has been getting positive reviews since then. It hit the genre-specific streaming service, Shudder, earlier this year. Coincidentally, that film is getting its official VOD, DVD, and Blu-ray release today.

However, appearing on Jeopardy! may be one of Mike’s biggest accomplishments. A quick look at Nelson’s Twitter feed shows just how important making it on to the show was to him.

In one tweet, he announced his then-upcoming appearance on the show. He also called Jeopardy! the best show ever and said that appearing on the show was “…pretty much the only thing on [his] bucket list.” According to the tweet, Nelson has been trying to land a contestant spot for over 20 years.

The fact that competing on Jeopardy! meant so much to Mike makes watching his win that much sweeter. Tune in on the next episode to see if he can keep the momentum going.