‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Alex Trebek Explained Why Game Shows Have ‘Become the Best Kind of Reality Television’

by Anna Dunn

Jeopardy! has made its way into the hearts of millions for decades. At this point, it’s sort of woven into the fabric of America. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of the show. But thankfully, it’s actually quite delightful.

One Jeopardy! legend explained how the show represents the best kind of reality television. In 2013, long-time host of the show Alex Trebek discussed why he felt the show worked with The Baltimore Sun.

“I’ve told people this for years, but “Jeopardy” has become a part of Americana. Game shows, which have traditionally run in daytime television, have, in my mind, become the best kind of reality television. We don’t embarrass people. We let them use their skills to win prizes to make them feel good,” Trebek said.

For Trebek, the fact that Jeopardy! doesn’t rely on drama or human suffering is exactly what makes it so great. Now, many reality shows have to rely on hurting their participants. The trivia game show format allows for something far more wholesome.

Not only do they make people feel good, but the show actively donates to charities as well. Each recent guest host of the show has got to select their own charity to raise money for.

Sadly, the show has been rotating through guest hosts ever since Trebek passed away last year.

‘Jeopardy!’ Recently Raised over $200,000 in Two Weeks

During guest host Savannah Guthrie’s two-week run on the show, the host raised $217,985 for The Bowery Mission.

The Bowery Mission’s goal is to serve hungry and homeless populations in New York. It wants to transform the lives of the disadvantaged and help people get a new start. Guthrie’s fundraiser was impressive to say the least. As was her hosting gig, but there are many other hosts that have been quite loved during their time on the show.

Currently, Sanjay Gupta is hosting the show. He’s raising funds for Odyssey Atlanta. Their mission is to help educate and prepare children from underserved communities in the Atlanta public school system for Academic success.

Gupta and the Jeopardy! team have already raised $94,258 for the charity so far.

It’s Hard To Tell Who Will Be The Next Host

Gupta isn’t likely to be one of the guest hosts who’s gunning for a full-time spot on the show, however. Other hosts, such as Aaron Rodgers or upcoming host LeVar Burton, definitely want the position. But only time will tell. Producers have said that we’ll definitely find out before the next season of Jeopardy! begins.

Many people right now are rooting for LeVar Burton. Burton hasn’t hosted yet, but if his performance on reading rainbow and his general persona are anything to go by, he’d make a great fit.

Aaron Rodgers also wowed audiences, and he’s coming back to host again, so there’s definitely some competition there as well.

Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings could also earn himself a spot on the show. Jennings is incredibly familiar with the inner workings of the show, and many would feel a certain familiarity with the host as well. For now, people will just have to enjoy Jeopardy! and its wholesomeness with its interesting variety of guest hosts.