‘Jeopardy!’ Legend James Holzhauer Responds To Comments that Matt Amodio Is Repeating His Streak

by Leanne Stahulak

Eighteen-game “Jeopardy!” champ Matt Amodio is starting to be discussed alongside the Greatest of All-Time players, Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer.

Jennings first made “Jeopardy!” history by winning 74 straight games back in 2004. Holzhauer followed up this feat 15 years later by winning 32 straight games. Both contestants raked in big bucks, with Jennings securing $2.5 million and Holzhauer landing $2.4 million.

In just 18 games, Amodio has overtaken the third-highest earnings spot from Jason Zuffranieri. He now sits with a comfortable $574,801. Amodio gained so much money in so little time by betting big on Daily Doubles and “Final Jeopardy!” questions. He also starts with the high-value clues and works his way up the board.

These are similar strategies to what Holzhauer employed during his 32-game run. Holzhauer is a sports bettor, spending most of his time running numbers and weighing the odds of big risk and even bigger rewards. Combined with his insane wealth of knowledge, Holzhauer made a dangerous ‘Jeopardy!” contestant, and continues to threaten new quiz show contestants on ABC’s “The Chase.”

But does Amodio’s success herald him as “The Next James Holzhauer?” The man himself piped in with his thoughts on the matter.

Holzhauer stumbled upon a tweet that read, “Matt Ammodio is the new James Holzhauer. #Jeopardy.” He quote tweeted the message and captioned it, “When I was on they said ‘James is the new Brad Rutter’ which was a compliment at the time.”

Holzhauer’s response is both hilarious and interesting. We know that Holzhauer and Jennings rib on each other all the time. And now that they see Brad Rutter on “The Chase” all the time, the jokes clearly extend to him too. But his comment says surprisingly little about what he thinks of Amodio’s current performance. Even Jennings tweeted that Amodio was “the ‘Jeopardy!’ story no one is following.”

Fans Weigh in on ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio as ‘The Next James Holzhauer’

Perhaps Holzhauer will have more to say about Amodio’s performance when we see more of the 18-day champ in action. The show is currently filming the newest episodes, and we’ll see Amodio back in action on Sept. 13.

But Holzahuer’s fans were surprisingly vocal about the comparison between the two. One fan said he’s more of a “Holzhauer-lite” because he “dropped too many ‘Final Jeopardies.'” Another specified that “Matt is good, you are great. To me Matt doesn’t have his betting skills up to par like you did. And Matt has admitted he’s not good with pop culture. You were outstanding!”

The term “Holzhauer-lite” seemed to catch on, with many citing Amodio’s betting strategy as something that actually separated the two competitors. “[Amodio’s] fun to watch for sure, but doesn’t maximize the DDs and final wagers the same,” one fan commented.