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‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Announces ‘Ultimate Movie Trivia League’

by Jon D. B.
Ron Batzdorff/ABC via Getty Images

Ready to join the ‘Ultimate Movie Trivia League?’ Ken Jennings and his friends at Filmwise of “Scene It” fame are ramping up for something big!

Do you find yourself over-the-moon when ‘Jeopardy!’ has a film or Hollywood category for the night? Then have we got the league for you! The show’s “All-Time Champ” and interim host Ken Jennings is announcing the formation of the “Ultimate Movie Trivia League” with the folks at Filmwise.

The announcement by Jennings gives a taste of what’s in store. Via Twitter, the trivia mastermind states “If you can name all the movies in the pool below, this tweet is for you. My friends at Filmwise (who also brought you MovieCat and Scene It?) are starting up the Ultimate Movie Trivia League!”

Within, an intriguing mashup of recognizable film props clutter an equally recognizable movie set. Moreover, the tweet reveals the link for the league’s Patreon, which will host the trivial league itself (more on that below):

Ken Jennings & Filmwise Announce Ultimate Movie Trivia League for Patreon

So what’s this trivia league all about, film buffs? Via Patreon, the league breaks down their intentions.

“With FilmWise, MovieCat, and SceneIt? the DVD Game, we’ve been creating compelling movie trivia and illustrations for almost 20 years. Using Patreon will allow us to create even more content and visual quizzes for filmwise.com and provide exclusive content and behind-the-scenes videos for people who support at various levels,” the league states.

FilmWise hopes, with the support of their fans, that they can grow the company. This will enable the fellow film buffs to “keep the fun going for many years to come!”

As for those “various levels” of support, Patreons will be able to sign up at three different levels:

At the $4 level, Patreons will “enjoy the Invisibles quizzes and other content featured on FilmWise.com and wanna see even more! As a FilmWise Fan, you will occasionally have access to exclusive trivia content, such as extra Invisibles and mini-quizzes.”

For the $8 level pledge, Patreons can “participate in the FilmWise Ultimate Movie Trivia League!” This will begin in February 2021 – so soon, we’re gathering. “In addition, as a FilmWise Faithful, you will receive even more exclusive content in the form of even more extra Invisibles, quizzes, and other random stuffages,” they add.

At the $12 premium pledge amount, however, the real fun begins. Pledge at this level to “receive premium exclusive content, such as Invisibles making-of videos and other behind-the-scenes extras. This is in addition to even more exclusive trivia content and membership in the FilmWise Ultimate Movie Trivia League.”

Those wishing to join Ken Jennings in the Ultimate Movie Trivia League can do so at Patreon.

Jennings’ announcement comes shortly after sharing his own “Kennections” trivia puzzles with followers:

“What do O. Henry, the London Underground, Australian bush ballads, and ape sex have in common?” the ‘Jeopardy!’ champion and interim host asks via Twitter. “Here’s a new “Kennections” trivia puzzle,” he offers, before sharing the link to his latest Mental Floss brain teaser.

This is no small ordeal, here, either. This latest trivia puzzle is #457 in Jennings’ long-running quiz series.

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