‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Asks for ‘Citation’ on Bizarre Movie Fact

by Jennifer Shea

“Jeopardy!” star Ken Jennings is not just taking a fan’s word for it when it comes to bizarre movie trivia.

On Thursday, Jennings got into a back-and-forth with a Twitter user over the late actress Shirley Knight. The user claimed that Knight is both the only person to receive Oscar nominations for William Inge and Tennessee Williams adaptations and to get run over by a car in a Paul Blart movie.

“Citation????” Jennings replied, ever the “Jeopardy!” whiz.

No citation has yet been provided.

‘Jeopardy!’ Hosting Stint Over, Jennings Takes to Twitter

Now that his guest hosting stint on “Jeopardy!” is over, Jennings has found more time to interact with fans on Twitter. And he has been tweeting away, sharing opinions, observations and random questions with his followers.

He has disclosed that he got his first Covid shot and cracked, “Hey is the Suez Canal really slow for anyone else right now?” And on Friday, he fretted that this summer will “[turn] into a huge party.”

Jennings frequently draws plenty of responses from fans, like when he tweeted about the Suez Canal. Fans jumped into his replies to offer quips and suggestions for fixing the problem.

Jennings Finds It Difficult to Watch ‘Jeopardy!’ Since His 74-Game Winning Streak

To prepare for “Jeopardy!,” Jennings had implemented a demanding training regimen. He watched the show twice daily, stood behind a fake podium and practiced hitting the buzzer using a toy.

And for 74 games in a row, his preparation paid off. But since that 75th game, Jennings claims he’s had a hard time sitting still to watch the show again. Perhaps he took in a little too much of the show.

“Somewhere deep down, I think I’m still as ‘Jeopardy!’-addicted as when I was ten years old, watching the show every day without fail right after school,” Jennings said on his website. “Because if I’m in an airport or restaurant or somewhere and ‘Jeopardy!’ comes on the TV, I can’t look away. That said, I find that I have a hard time sitting on my couch and lazily shouting out answers at Trebek, like I used to. Everything about the show—the music, the graphics, the sound effects—causes some fight-or-flight adrenaline spike in my blood and I become hyper-aware of every detail of the show.”

Jennings won more than $2.5 million during his 74-game winning streak, which he reportedly invested in stocks, bonds and real estate. He appears on game shows such as “Master Minds” and “The Chase” when he is not dropping knowledge on Twitter.