‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Asks ‘What Happened’ to Beloved Type of Cartoons

by Josh Lanier

Paula Cole wanted to know where all the cowboys went. Peter, Paul, and Mary asked about the flowers. But Ken Jennings has an even more specific question. Where are the cartoons where books came to life and sang when no one was around?

He tweeted the question to fans earlier on Sunday.

“Lots of cartoons now but what happened to the kind where a shop full of, like, book covers comes to life and sings a little song. Or matchbooks, or clocks,” he asked.

There was a lot of debate in the replies over what exactly he was talking about. Some felt Brave Little Toaster would fit the bill. A home full of appliances coming to life when no one is around and singing their problems would seem to work. Some guessed Beauty and the Beast, but since the Lumiere and Cogsworth were merely side characters, it’s not likely what the Jeopardy! champ is talking about.

There were several guesses as to which cartoon Jennings was talking about, but Have you Any Castles from 1938 seems to be the first.

Another Ken Jennings’ Tweet Starts Heated Debate

Recently, the former Jeopardy! champ had an interesting thought for his nearly half a million followers. Namely, famous late actor Christopher Plummer should have been on HBO’s Mr. Show with Bob and David in the 1990s.

It’s one of the most beloved sketch comedy shows of all time, and has a cult following akin to Monty Python or The State. Mr. Show with Bob and Dave only lasted until 1998. The series is a collection of hilarious comedy sketches about current events.

The show was unique in its delivery as well. It would open as a live show and then tie the story of the stage show into interconnected taped segments. It would several turns and go down strange paths but would end up returning to the live audience to close out the show. It hilariously covered politics, religion, and popular culture. And it also helped launch the careers of Sarah Silverman, Jack Black, Brian Posehn, and Mary Lynn Rajskub (from 24).

But why not Christopher Plummer? He can sing, dance, act, and is hilarious. Jennings was right. That was a total missed opportunity. Unfortunately, it’s too late now. The show was canceled in 1998, revived by Netflix, and then canceled again. Plummer died last year so there is no hope for a third chance.