‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Says He’s ‘Been Taxonomized’ After New NYT Article

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

Jeopardy! Legend Ken Jennings poked gentle fun of a New York Times article about Jeopardy! guest hosts on Twitter saying he’d been “taxonomized.” As one of the most successful Jeopardy! contestants of all time, Ken Jennings was a guest host following the death of host Alex Trebek in November of 2020. He is likely a top contender for the permanent host gig, which production will announce before next season.

The article, written by Amanda Hess, is a fun look into the types of hosts we’ve seen on Jeopardy! so far and how they’ve performed. The article, titled, What Should the New ‘Jeopardy!’ Be? Guest Hosts Provide the Clues, looks at the wide variety of different hosts and ponders what it means for the future of the show.

Ken Jenning’s host category? He’s in the “champions” category of course. The article also hilariously described Jenning’s personality.

“His persona — a Gen-Xer from Utah who presents as an amalgam of earnest and sardonic — is so fused with the show’s brand that it feels almost as if the producers cultured some “Jeopardy!” cells in a lab and grew them into a fully articulated new host,” Hess wrote.

The other categories for guests? “Celebrity Doctors” talked about the controversial appearance of Dr. Oz as a guest host on the show in spite of his historical promotion of pseudoscience-based medical treatments. “News Anchors” takes a look at the crowded field of TV journalists hosting. This includes Anderson Cooper, Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, Katie Couric, and Bill Whitaker.

Finally, the other guest categories were the “celebrity nerds” and the “jocks.” Celebrity nerds encompass future hosts like Mayim Bialik and LeVar Burton. The “Jock” category is, of course, reserved for the one and only Aaron Rodgers, who has indicated multiple times he’d love to host full time.

‘Jeopardy!’ Star Ken Jennings Loves to Joke on Twitter

Ken Jennings’ Twitter is full of witty puns and comments. He clearly has a love for comedy. In fact, he wrote a whole book about it. In a recent instance, Jennings referenced that strange viral photo of the Biden’s Standing next to the Carter’s, where the Carter’s look small and the Biden’s look huge. You can see the photo here.

His playful remarks on Twitter are just a part of the Jeopardy! champion’s persona and charm. Many believe he’d make a great permanent host that won’t stray too far from the Jeopardy! brand.