‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Comments on Addition of ‘The Beast’ Mark Labbett to ‘The Chase’

by Jon D. B.

Is it just us, or does Jeopardy!‘s All-Time-Champ seem rather nervous to have The Chase‘s equivalent onboard for the new season?

Strap in, Chasers! Ken Jennings has “Big news for @thechaseabc fans! Big, burly, British news.”

Woah, woah, woah. Wait. That’s it, Ken? This is all the man who brought us this glorious tweet has to say about Mark Labbett’s return? Sure, the man is a big, burly, British “Beast” of a man – but this just seems plain odd. Perhaps we’re not used to Mr. Jeopardy! himself tweeting in a way that makes him seem nervous or off-put? Perhaps there’s more going on here? Perhaps we’re reading way too far into this simple tweet?

It’s the latter.

Regardless, “A new titan of trivia is joining #TheChase this season. Enter, “The Beast”! All starting June 6 on ABC,” says the show’s own official Twitter of Labbett’s addition. “New” feels an odd choice of words, however, as Mark was the “Beast” of trivia for the previous British incarnation of the show. Feels more like a homecoming than a new addition, doesn’t it? Watch the announcement clip for yourself courtesy of Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings’ retweet below:


Whether Ken Jennings and his best Jeopardy! buds are actually eager for “The Beast” to join their American spin on The Chase is up for debate. The show has been a hit for ABC with the trio of Jennings, James Holzhauer, and Brad Rutter. These real-life friends and Jeopardy! legends have an infectious camraderie. So how will throwing someone synonymous with the previous version of The Chase into the fold affect its mojo?

Fans are echoing this confusion, too, as this announcement seemingly came out of nowhere.

“I can’t deny that I’ve missed The Beast, but imma stay loyal to my guy @KenJennings! This season is gonna be so much fun!” replies Lexi to Jennings.

Same, Lexi. Same. #TeamKen forever.

Another fan, Marissa, says she “became a “Chaser” when I saw my first show on a trip to the UK in 2017. The US version is just as exciting. Can’t wait for the next set of episodes!”

Looks like “The Beast” has some UK fans looking forward to his return, at least! And this wouldn’t be journalism if we failed to mention that tweeter Bort’s “mom is going to be so excited.” Now there’s some high praise for Mark Labbett.

We’ll find out how this’ll all play out for Ken Jennings & the Jeopardy! Co. come June 6 on ABC.