‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Hilariously Explains Why He’s Worried About ‘Summer Turning Into a Huge Party’

by Chris Haney

On Friday afternoon, Jeopardy! champion and interim host Ken Jennings was amusingly being a Debbie Downer about the summer months approaching quickly.

As one of many resident jokesters on Twitter, Jennings shared his fears over summer becoming a “huge party.” As the weather heats up, Americans are flocking to beaches and other outdoor vacation spots. Just last week, spring break visitors stormed Miami, Florida, which turned into chaos across the city.

Numerous reports have come out with city officials imposing an 8 p.m. curfew and declaring a state of emergency. With tons of maskless partiers running around Miami, many worry about major increases in positive COVID-19 cases.

However, that’s not why the legendary Jeopardy! contestant is worried. In fact, Ken Jennings simply says he’s worried about summer parties because he’s a “huge buzzkill.”

“I keep worrying about this summer turning into a huge party. (Not because of COVID, I’m just a huge buzzkill.),” Ken Jennings hilariously claimed on Twitter.

Last week, Ken Jennings shared some disappointing news with his fans and Twitter followers.

Evidently, the Jeopardy! icon is on the search for a new license plate and he wants to customize it. Yet a standard license plate with randomly selected letters and numbers won’t do for a man of Jennings’ stature. No, the quiz show contestant with the longest winning streak in Jeopardy! history had his mindset on a personalized tag. Unfortunately for Jennings, it looks like someone already beat him to his customized license plate idea.

The recent interim host of Jeopardy! shared a screenshot of his personalized plate search. “Sorry, WALUIGI is not available,” the message reads. In addition, the website gives two reasons as to why “WALUIGI” isn’t available.

Either someone else has already customized their license plate with that name. Otherwise, the word is “offensive” or “inappropriate.” Considering “WALUIGI” is a fictional cartoon character from the Super Mario video game series, we can probably cross off the latter of the two.

It’s indeed safe to assume that someone else is also a big fan of the video game character. Sadly for Jennings, that means someone is driving around with his preferred license plate name.

“Terrible news,” Ken Jennings simply stated when realizing his license plate name is not available.