‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Hits On ‘Marginally Famous Introverts’ with Hysterical Post

by John Jamison

How humble can one man be? Ken Jennings, the trivia master who went on a 74-game “Jeopardy!” tear back in 2004, called himself “marginally famous” on Twitter. And the joke he made was admittedly pretty funny. But hate to break it to you, Ken. You’re full-on famous.

Either way, the spirit of his tweet was in the interest of being less recognizable. As an introvert, the “Jeopardy!” icon appreciated the relative privacy that his quarantine mask provided.

Ken Jennings admits that he has mixed feelings about giving up the mask. Not because of the ongoing pandemic, but because he liked how hard it was for people to recognize him when he wore it. Obscure reference incoming… it’s a good thing Ken isn’t Bane because no one cared who he was until he put on the mask.

Too much? We’ll save the Batman stuff for another time. All jokes aside, the “Jeopardy!” whiz makes a good point. Not that most can relate to it, but being instantly recognizable has to be exhausting at times. Especially for someone like Ken, who would rather keep to himself more often than not.

And granted, Ken Jennings isn’t Brad Pitt or someone that people would absolutely melt over the second they recognized them. So we’ll concede “marginally famous” in that sense. But he has a specific, surprisingly large fanbase.

The great majority of people who have heard of “Jeopardy!” have also heard of Ken Jennings. That’s a lot of people. And a significant portion of that massive group would be able to recognize him instantly.

So his maskless struggle is real. And as fantastic as his potential opinion piece would be, it would likely only strike a chord with other marginally famous introverts. Not a huge audience, unfortunately.

The ‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Put His Mask to the Test

As he so often does, Jennings followed up his initial tweet. He posted a picture of himself in his mask, claiming that no one would be able to recognize him.

It’s hard to see it objectively. But if there was no context for this picture, do you think you’d be able to recognize him?

His Twitter followers weighed in.

“I could probably think of who it is, but racking my brain to figure it out would be taxing,” one user wrote, employing a Jennings-esque approach by making a reference to the H&R Block branded mask.

H&R Block is, of course, a reference to the fateful Final Jeopardy round that ended Jennings’ 74-game streak.

The replies are full of hilarious guesses as to who the man behind the mask could be. Admittedly, out of context, he’s a pretty unassuming guy with the mask on. But you know what, Ken. You’re always welcome to keep wearing it, pandemic or not.