‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Issues Apology for ‘Insensitive Tweets’

by Thad Mitchell

Largely considered the greatest “Jeopardy!” champion of all time, Ken Jennings is apologizing for past indiscretions.

Upon the passing of longtime gameshow host Alex Trebek, Jennings is serving as the show’s interim host. Trebek passed away earlier this year, losing his battle to pancreatic cancer. He died on November 8, just days after he recorded his final Jeopardy! show appearance. Episode’s featuring new guest hosts, including Jennings, are expected to begin airing during the week of January 11.

As the most successful Jeopardy! contestant in the show’s history, Jennings was a natural to fill in for Trebek. Jennings racked up over $2.5 million during his 74-game winning streak. He is highest earning American game show contestant of all time.

Ken Jennings Facing Scrutiny Over Social Media Posts

A spotlight often comes with a higher level of scrutiny — a lesson Jennings seems to be learning at the moment. He recently took to social media to offer apologies for offense he may have caused years ago. His old social media posts are now coming back to haunt him now that he has stepped into a lead role.

One such insensitive tweet came in 2014, when he wrote “nothing sadder than a hot person in a wheelchair.”

He apologized for the comment in 2018 and is now once again using Twitter in an effort to clear the air. On Wednesday he sent out a series of tweets aimed at repairing his public image.

“Hey, I just wanted to own up to the fact that over the years on Twitter, I’ve definitely tweeted some unartful and insensitive things,” he writes. “Sometime they work as jokes in my head and I was dismayed to see how they read on the screen.”

Jennings’ apology was met with mixed reactions. Many applauded him for taking responsibility for his actions, but others called it a “publicity stunt” in order to curry favor from the public.

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