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‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Jokingly Reveals Passage He’s Including in ‘All’ of His Books

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit Ron Batzdorff via Getty Images)

Ken Jennings has an impressive resume. He’s the biggest game show winner in history as well as one of the greatest Jeopardy! contestants to take the stage. Jennings has also guest-hosted the iconic quiz show. One show isn’t enough for him, though. He has also appeared on several other trivia-based shows. In short, the guy is whip-smart and TV-ready.

However, Ken Jennings has more than just TV appearances and mastery of trivia under his belt. He has also written a dozen books. At the same time, he hosts an educational podcast. He also has a pretty hefty Twitter following. If you don’t want to wait for a new book to come out, that’s where you can see what’s on the trivia genius’s mind. He weighs in on just about everything on his Twitter feed. Most of the time, his is one of the funniest and cleanest accounts you can follow on the platform.

If you want to know what kind of humor Ken Jennings has in store for his Twitter followers, look no further than his tweet from earlier this afternoon. Today, Jennings has found the curse that he is going to write in all of his books.

Nobody likes a book thief and it seems that Ken Jennings is no exception to that fact.

The Curse Ken Jennings Will Write in All of His Books

Ken Jennings’ knowledge doesn’t stop at trivia and comedy, it seems. From this tweet, it looks like he has a good eye for literary curses. The passage he intends to write in all of his books reads, “Steal not this book for fear of shame. For in it doth stand the owner’s name. And at the last day, God will say, ‘Where is that book you stole away?’ And if you say, ‘I cannot tell,’ He’ll say, ‘Thou cursed, go to Hell,’.”

The post does leave one question. Is Ken Jennings going to write it in all of the books that he owns or does he mean he’ll add it to the books he writes in the future? He should probably do both, just to cover all of his bases. Either way it could lead to some hilarious scenarios.

For one, if someone got their hands on a book from Ken Jennings’ private library, they could find the curse scrawled somewhere in the book. Imagine borrowing a book from someone and finding the threat of hellfire and damnation carefully penned on the back of the title page. You’d definitely be sure to return it.

On the other hand, it would be funnier if he included the passage in his future releases. Imagine buying a Ken Jennings book full of trivia and well-researched facts about the world. Then, on the last page, is this passage with an empty line on which to place your John Hancock.

Either way, Ken Jennings is definitely on to something here.