‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Jokingly Shares One of the ‘Worst Things’ to Happen to Him in 2020

by Suzanne Halliburton

Ken Jennings, the super champion and one-time guest host of Jeopardy!, continues to trot out his jokes on social media.

So, does this one deserve a laugh or a groan? The Jeopardy! superstar tweeted:

“One of the worst things to happen in COVID is my kids named the family group chat ‘jennings hype house’ and it never got changed.”

OK, I think we can describe this as a “dad” joke. Jennings is full of them. He and his wife have two kids, so there are lots of opportunities to make lame jokes.

So groan? Or giggle?

Some of his followers were making fun of Jennings.

Dan Lewis, who is in communications at Warner Media, replied: “Don’t taunt them or they’ll change it to the Bialik Hype House.”

Or, how about Josh Cromwell: “Just be glad they didn’t change it to “Mike Richards hype house”

Jeopardy! Finally Picked a Permanent Host. It Wasn’t Ken Jennings

Last week, Jeopardy! executives finally picked a replacement for Alex Trebek, who died in Nov. 8, 2020, after a near two-year fight with pancreatic cancer.

And the new guest host? It’s Mike Richards, the show’s producer who also followed Jennings in the Jeopardy! lineup for guest host. But the show wasn’t finished with picking hosts. Actress and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik will host Jeopardy! specials, including the prime-time college tournament. She told the New York Times that show producers may create other spin-offs for her to host.

“Name it and they may dream it up for me to host,” Bialik told the New York Times.

The hosting search drew a passionate following, with fans split over who should be the permanent person asking the answers to seek the correct questions. Jennings and actor LeVar Burton coveted the job. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, whose two weeks of shows drew big ratings, also wanted the job.

But other Jeopardy! guest hosts did it for the fun and prestige of it all. Anderson Cooper, who has his own show on CNN, didn’t want the full-time gig. In all, there were 16 guest hosts.

Richards also auditioned for the permanent hosting gig when the legendary Bob Barker retired at The Price is Right. So at least he has some basic info for following a hosting icon.

But Jennings really did want the job. And why not. He may be the most recognizable of any Jeopardy! champion in the show’s 37 seasons. He won 74 straight games back in 2004. Counting all his appearances, he’s earned more than $4.5 million in Jeopardy! prize money. Jennings benefitted from a rules change. The year before he first was on the show, the rules were tweaked to allow champions to win more than five straight.

Jennings has almost 474,000 Twitter followers, so he likes to keep them entertained. But at least one of his fans thought joking about Covid was off base.

FriarFanHeather wrote: “I get that you are being funny, but as a nurse who has worked throughout covid with dying patients, it’s a little tone deaf.”