‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Makes Hilarious Reference to Camera Movement in ‘No Sudden Move’ Film

by Anna Dunn

Jeopardy! icon Ken Jennings just tweeted a funny reference to the camera movement in a film called No Sudden Move.

“If you don’t use psychotropic drugs you can just wait for Soderbergh to move the camera in No Sudden Move,” he wrote

No Sudden Move is a new Steven Soderbergh film following a group of small-time criminals who are hired for a heist that goes terribly wrong in 1954 Detroit. The group tries to track down who hired them. The Jeopardy! champion, former guest host, and producer clearly watched the film recently. He often makes light-hearted tweets about various topics.

Ken Jennings Keeps in Touch With Other ‘Jeopardy!’ Champions

Jennings likes to keep in touch with other Jeopardy! champions. Winning the show is a very unique experience few will encounter, so he’s formed a close bond with those that have. He’s even made multiple friends out of other champs.

It also helps that he never really felt like he was competing against the other players, but instead the game itself.

“I think a lot of it is that you don’t have the sense that you’re playing against each other,” Jennings told PopCulture last November. “You really feel like you’re playing against that big, scary gameboard, you know. Somebody has written 60 very devious clues and you’re trying to outsmart those people. You’re trying to beat ‘Jeopardy!’ – not James or Brad.”

Jennings and some of the other Jeopardy! Champs even hang out from time to time.

“Brad [Rutter] actually came over to my house a few weeks ago for a socially-distanced barbecue,” Jennings said. “He’s spending his summer in Seattle now. We hang out.”

He’s also close with James Holzhauer. The two go to baseball games together and can often be seen joking around together on social media.

Jennings also explained that Jeopardy! is simply a lot of pressure. He gets to bond with other champions about the intensity of playing on national television. He also respects how a lot of other champions have played the game, taking bigger risks and factoring in game theory into their strategy.

Jennings Filled In as a Guest Host Earlier in the Year

Following the tragic passing of long-time host Alex Trebek, Ken Jennings took on the crucial task of keeping the show going while honoring the legacy Trebek left behind. Jennings was the first of many guest hosts this season, and some want him to take the wheel completely and become Jeopardy!‘s next full-time host.

He has said that we’ll know who the next host is before the start of the next season of the show, but it’s hard to tell who that’s going to be just yet. There’s some really tough competition, but who knows, he’s been a winner before.