‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings is Doing His Part to Raise Awareness About Baseball Statistics in Trivia Clip

by Chris Haney

On Friday night, Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings lent a helping hand to his beloved Seattle Mariners who made MLB history in yesterday’s game.

You may be wondering what the Seattle Mariners did to enter the record books. Especially in a game that saw the San Diego Padres stomp the Mariners 16-1. In fact, the historical record had nothing to do with the score, and technically had very little to do with the game in general.

Confused yet? We would be too, so let’s just cut to the chase. While the Mariners were taking a beating yesterday, backup catcher José Godoy made his major league debut in the 6th inning. By simply entering the game, Godoy officially became the 20,000th player to make an appearance in MLB history.

Seattle marked the occasion with a Jeopardy!-style answer on their Twitter account. “Who is José Godoy? Welcome to the show and baseball trivia lore, José!” they tweeted in celebration of the historical moment.

Of course, who better than Ken Jennings himself to ramp up the nod to Jeopardy!. As a huge baseball fan and former trivia game show champion, the Seattle native added a nice touch to the historic occasion.

“Hi, this is Ken Jennings. Let’s head to Major League Baseball debuts for $1,000,” he said before sharing the clue.

“This Seattle Mariner became the 20,000th all-time player in Major League Baseball history on May 21st, 2021,” he said.

“Doing my part to raise awareness of historical baseball player counting,” Jennings tweeted.

‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Hilariously Disowns His Son

If you thought we were lying about Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings’ Seattle Mariners fandom, you’d be mistaken. As the MLB’s Spring Training was in full effect in March, Jennings posted a hilarious text exchange between he and his teenage son, Dylan.

Since Jennings grew up in the Seattle area, he gets his Seattle Mariners fandom honestly. Opening Day for the 2021 MLB season was just a few weeks away on April 1. Therefore Dylan asked his famous father if they could attend the Mariners’ first home game.

Jennings asked his son about seating capacity in T-Mobile Park because of stricter COVID-19 protocols at the time. He asked if the organization is allowing 25% capacity so fans can spread out.

That’s when Dylan responded with a witty comeback his dad didn’t exactly appreciate. His son said that Seattle is allowing 9,000 fans to attend the game. Additionally, Dylan added, “So 100%,” making fun of the team’s usual poor attendance even in non-COVID times.

The Jeopardy! champion took a screenshot of the father-son exchange and shared it with his Twitter followers. Dylan probably should’ve thought twice about making fun of his father’s beloved Mariners.

“My son is kicked out of the family, effective immediately,” Jennings amusingly wrote.