‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Posts Throwback Opening Clip of Local TV Station: ‘Thinking About the KIRO Jet’

by Megan Molseed

Maybe he was feeling a little sentimental this weekend. Or, maybe Ken Jennings had just been thinking about some intense moments he remembered while watching his hometown news program. Or, maybe he was just in the mood for a good throwback. Whatever the case, Ken Jennings had the Seattle Television station, KIRO’s former news jet on his mind.

“Just thinking about the KIRO Newsjet,” read the Saturday Tweet. Jennings shared a post by 80s News Screens that played one of the CBS affiliate’s former news show openings.

In a very 1980s-like fashion, the Seattle local news show started out with an intense beat. And, a jet apparently. The Jet which is labeled “KIRO NEWSJET” is seen flying high in the sky. Eventually, it turns and the KIRO logo appears on the screen. This transitions into the announcer introducing the KIRO “news specialist” team as each of their faces appear on the screen.

We all have those memories. The ones where we hear a certain theme song from “back in the day.” Or we see a clip from a show that has since changed or no longer exists. These memories often take us through memories of days gone by. Maybe this was one of those for “Jeopardy!” champion Ken Jennings.

Ken Jennings Is Seattle, Through And Through

Ken Jennings is from the Seattle, Washington area, which is where KIRO – and subsequently the KIRO Jet – is based. Jenning’s often talks of his hometown, so it is likely that the game show icon often watched this program.

Jennings’s love for Seattle pops up in many of his social media posts. Lately, his dedication towards Seattle’s baseball team, the Mariners, has been a topic of discussion. Jennings was even invited to throw the first pitch in a nail-biter of a game earlier this summer. Playing the Texas Rangers, the Mariners were struggling throughout the first of the three-game series. In a move not uncommon for the Seattle team this season, the Mariners clinched the July 2 win during a tenth inning walk-off play.

This game happened to be the very same game in which the “Jeopardy!” GOAT tossed out the first pitch. The game show icon even joked that it was his knuckle-ball that clinched the win for his Mariners.

Sealing The Victory

“Absolutely taking credit for this,” Ken Jennings joked on a July 3 Seattle Mariner’s retweet. The Mariners had posted “THAT’S ANOTHER WALK-OFF WIN” the night before.

The Mariners ended up winning the series winning two of the three games.

Jennings is well-known for his massive amounts of knowledge. In the early 2000s, Ken Jennings stepped onto the “Jeopardy!” stage for the first time. No one knew how much the Seattle, Washington native would change the landscape of the daytime quiz show. In all, Ken Jennings was named champion during a 74-episode winning streak. A historic eat that had previously been unheard of.