‘Jeopardy’ Legend Ken Jennings Reacts to Tournament of Champions Guest Host Reveal

by Chris Haney

Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings has chimed in on the game show’s recent announcement of who will guest host the upcoming Tournament of Champions.

On Wednesday, Jeopardy! revealed that former Tournament of Champions winner Buzzy Cohen will be the guest host for the event. As the 2017 tournament champion, he knows the 10-day battle well. The game show will welcome back 15 of their top winners to compete for $250,000 from May 17 to May 28.

Cohen first appeared as a contestant on Jeopardy! back in 2016. He won nine straight games and totaled $164,603 in winnings. However, now that he’s taking on hosting duties, he will no longer be eligible to compete in Jeopardy! tournaments. Executive producer Mike Richards, who also guest-hosted the game show recently, spoke about Cohen’s selection.

“Buzzy has been where each of these champions is,” Richards explained, according to USA Today. “So it’ll be comforting for the contestants to see a familiar face behind the lectern. We will miss seeing him compete, but we look forward to seeing how he uses his quick wit and personality as guest host.”

Of course, Jeopardy!‘s most well-known champion Ken Jennings made sure to comment on the selection as well. Jennings took to Twitter to share an amusing text exchange with Cohen. He wrote that the two champions were “brainstorming” about Cohen’s “guest-host brand.”

During the exchange, Cohen joked that he looked like a “jazz age accountant.” In addition, Cohen also amusingly said he looked like the ghost of silent film actor Harold Lloyd. After a quick Google search, he’s not wrong about the comparison.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Ken Jennings Jokes About Prank Traffic Sign

In typical Ken Jennings style, he recently shared a hysterical Twitter post about a local traffic sign that was altered for comedic purposes. Last week, the Jeopardy! champion spotted an amusingly edited traffic sign and took it from there.

As Jennings drove along a resurfaced road, he noticed an orange “GROOVED PAVEMENT” traffic sign. When old road surfaces are milled away in preparation for new paving, workers warn drivers with the bright orange signs. The roads temporarily have grooves that vary in depth and spacing. The signs are there to alert drivers of the uneven surfaces, especially motorcyclists.

However, someone in the area decided to have a bit of fun with the sign. They altered three letters, and covered up a fourth, to create a new sign: “GROOVY WOMEN.”

Jennings joked that he slowed down, making sure to be on the lookout for the “groovy women.”

“I mean, I slowed down,” Jennings wrote on Twitter. No word yet on whether or not Jennings’ wife had anything to say about his delay on the road.