‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Shows Fellow Former Champs Exactly Where They Can Put Their ‘Valued Feedback’

by Thad Mitchell

The fraternity amongst former Jeopardy! contestants and champions like Ken Jennings and Buzzy Cohen is a tight one — and a funny one.

Jennings is the most successful game show contestant of all time and is joined in an inner circle, of sorts, by other Jeopardy! champs. The group also includes Cohen, along with James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter. It is a group with superior intellect and a robust sense of humor that they don’t mind sharing.

They can often be found teasing and ribbing each other on social media, much like Jennings did to Holzhauer on Saturday. Cohen also got into the act on Saturday with a simple barb regarding the wardrobe choices of his fellow Jeopardy! winners. Naturally, Jennings couldn’t hold back and fired off a hilarious retort of his own.

“When can we talk wardrobe?” Cohen says in a Saturday social media post. That prompted Jennings to follow up with a suggestion on where “valued feedback” can go.

“Right here!” Jennings says in his humorous reply. “This thread is the place for all your valued feedback.”

The image along with the Jeopardy! legend’s tweet says “notifications muted for this conversation” implying feedback is not welcome.

Jeopardy! Legends Go Back and Forth on Social Media

Jennings also got in a playful shot at Holzhauer earlier in the day with a tweet announcing the return of “The Chase” on ABC. In a video preview of a new episode, Jennings mentions “wiping the floor” with Holzhauer on a special edition of Jeopardy!

“The Chase is back with all of your favorites,” Jennings tweets. “And James Holzhauer!”

In the short video from an upcoming episode, the Jeopardy! champ is sure to remind the contestants that he once beat Holzhauer on national television.

“I’m sorry that I couldn’t deliver you James,” he says as he takes his seat as the game’s chaser. “But, you must be so relieved to see someone who has cleaned James’s clock on national tv.”

It is easy to see that the competitive juices flow heavily amongst the group of friends and game show champions. Both Jennings and Cohen have taken a turn hosting Jeopardy! in the past year with great success.

Cohen’s tenure as Jeopardy! host ended just a week ago and the former Tournament of Champions winner is drawing rave reviews. He and Jennings also could receive consideration for the full-time hosting job once Jeopardy! officials decide to take route.