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‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings’ ‘Suez Canal’ Joke Draws Hilarious Fan Responses

by Charles Craighill
(Stewart Cook/ABC via Getty Images)

If Jeopardy! came up with a question about the Suez Canal, the legendary contestant and host Ken Jennings would jump all over it. He made a hilarious joke on Twitter about it earlier today that sent fans to their knees laughing.

“Hey is the Suez Canal really slow for anyone else right now?” the Jeopardy! star wrote on Twitter.

He joked about the extremely inconvenient stop-up that happened in the Egyptian canal earlier this week. Luckily, several fans offered some very helpful advice to fix the traffic jam.

“Should we turn it off and turn it back on again,” one fan suggested. “Try and reset it maybe?”

Another fan also suggested that turning off and back on would usually fix it. That usually works when fixing a router or a bad internet connection, however, not sure if that will dislodge one of the largest freight container barges in the world. The former Jeopardy! contestant and the eventual host has yet to come up with a better option, however. Who knows, worth a shot!

The Context for the Hilarious Jeopardy! Star’s Joke

Here is a bit of context about the whole incident that the Jeopardy! star referenced. On Tuesday, one very large container ship got stuck in the Suez Canal, blocking all transit between Africa and Asia. The ship has now been stuck for four consecutive days. Ships cannot and will not move freely through the canal before the situation gets resolved.

Mohab Mamish, the Egyptian President’s advisor on Seaports, says that they will resolve the dilemma by the end of the weekend. However, based on the optics of the situation, this might take a bit more time and manpower than Mamish suggests. With that said, Mamish also has “experience with several rescue operations of this kind,” according to CBS. Either way, we expect to see at least on Jeopardy! question from Dr. Oz about the Suez Canal on the next episode.

Ken Jennings Has All the Jokes

Since his iconic run on Jeopardy! and his later hosting stint, Ken Jennings has been absolutely lighting it up on Twitter. All of his jokes have hit home runs with his audience and in exactly the way you would expect. His extremely clever and well informed jokes sometimes take some tome to understand. However, they always send you reeling once you connect the dots.

For instance, he cracked an absolutely hilarious joke about the original thirteen colonies on Twitter recently. Someone posted a picture of an old map of the Thirteen colonies where Virginia, Georgia, and North Carolina along with several other states extended their territory about three or our times further west than the current states have. In a hilarious joke, the Jeopardy! legend joked “sorry I moved America while it was on the scanner.”

While that joke may take a second to register, once it does, it doesn’t fail to draw a laugh. With classic dad jokes like these that typically tickle the brain more than usual, Ken Jennings continues to get love from his Jeopardy! fans.