‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Is ‘Trying Not to Freak Out’ Over One of the ‘Celebs’ He Encountered

by Clayton Edwards

Ken Jennings is a pretty big celebrity in his own right. After all, you don’t rack up all those Jeopardy! wins and not become just a little famous. He’s not movie star status or anything. However, I imagine that Jennings gets recognized on the streets of Seattle every now and then. He’s a pretty recognizable guy. Even if people didn’t watch him smash game show records back in the day, they might still know him. He’s on TV every week as part of The Chase. So, you know if he’s freaking out about a celeb encounter, it’s probably an A-lister.

It looks like Ken Jennings was braving the current heatwave in the Pacific Northwest to enjoy some time outdoors. This just goes to show that good things happen when you get out of the house and soak in the sunshine. Jennings was able to spot one of the biggest stars of the early 2000s. The celeb that he met has been in several films and television shows. However, he is usually playing a small supporting role. However, he got his breakout role in 2000 when he starred alongside Tom Hanks in an iconic film.

That’s right. Ken Jennings stumbled upon the one and only Wilson. Check out the photo below.

Ken Jennings Keeps His Cool

Wilson looks completely different without his Cast Away wardrobe. However, if I’m being completely honest, it looks like he has had a little work done. No judgement here. Do your thing, Wilson. He landed that role 21 years ago and hasn’t aged a day. In fact, he might look younger today than he did when he famously shared the screen with Tom Hanks. So, Ken Jennings is showing an eagle eye as well as some massive restraint. A lesser man would have screamed, “Wilson!” at the top of his lungs and asked him what Tom Hanks was like behind the scenes.

Ken Jennings isn’t a lesser man, though. He was able to hold his composure. In the caption of the epic celeb snap, he wrote, “I know celebs just want to be left alone so I’m trying not to freak out here.”

Ken Jennings knows what it’s like to be spotted “in the wild.” Not long ago, a guy spotted him in the airport and overcame his anxiety to approach the quiz show legend. The guy told Jennings, “I knew it was you! I saw Sinbad here once. So…never anybody really famous but it’s still fun.” Jennings wasn’t too bothered by the interaction. In fact, he tweeted about it later that day. Then, he and the guy from the airport had a brief but friendly Twitter exchange.

I would be willing to bet that Wilson doesn’t reply to Ken Jennings’ photo of him. Some celebs are just out of touch. They have one big moment and think they’re the cream of the crop or something.