‘Jeopardy!’ Legends’ Collections Leaving Netflix: What to Know

by Jon D. B.

By the end of this month, at least one full season of Jeopardy! will be leaving streaming giant Netflix. Here’s what we know so far.

Netflix has had a touch-and-go relationship with Jeopardy!. The beloved program, which Netflix describes with “Alex Trebek hosts one of TV’s longest-running game shows, where a trio of players buzz in with their knowledge of history, arts, pop culture and more,” has appeared on their platform in several forms.

Typically, the streamer will buy rights to a handful of seasons (and/or championships) at a time, then stream them for a year, give or take.

“This quiz show has won more than 30 Daytime Emmys, including multiple wins for Outstanding Game Show and Game Show Host,” Netflix cites in their description. Clearly, the platform is a fan of Jeopardy!; their relationship with the show has been running for several years now.

Currently, Seasons 33 and 34 are present on Netflix. The company has begun warning its viewers, however, that its Season 34 collection will be removed come May 28 of 2021.

The 2017 season, which features popular bouts of Buzzy Cohen and James Rogers, was a landmark run for the venerable game show. Fans wanting to catch up on Cohen’s run before he returns to host 2021’s Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions will definitely want to do so before May 28.

Exiting: Season 34 – Release year: 2017

“Austin Rogers’ 13-episode run of victories begins a new season that continues with the 2017 Tournament of Champions and the 2018 College Championship.” – Netflix

Is ‘Jeopardy!’ Season 33 Leaving, As Well?

Airing original seasons of Jeopardy! featuring late, great host Alex Trebek has proved a worthwhile investment for Netflix. As such, we can only assume that Season 34’s exit means other, newer seasons are on the way. This was the case in November of 2020, when the streamer removed older Jeopardy! runs, only to replace them with Seasons 33 & 34.

As of now, Season 33 is available alongside 34. Considering S33 is older material, it would make sense for both seasons to exit at the same time come May 28.

Also Available: Season 33 – Release Year: 2016

“A pair of episodes from Alan Lin’s long winning streak kicks off a season that segues into the complete 2017 Teachers Tournament.” – Netflix

As of Monday, however, there is no official word from Netflix as to the status of each season outside of their on-app/browser prompts.

For us Jeopardy! fans on Outsider, we’re eager to see if newer seasons will be added. With the show proving worthy of solid investment in the past, we can only hope the relationship between Sony and Netflix will continue for viewers.