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‘Jeopardy!’: LeVar Burton Fans Make the Case for Him To Be Named Host as Mike Richards Steps Down

by Anna Dunn
(Credit: Emily Berl for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Mike Richards is officially out as the new Jeopardy! host amidst controversy, and LeVar Burton fans are rallying to get him the job. Richards, who works as an executive producer on the show, was named the official replacement for the late Alex Trebek over a week ago. But the decision to make him the host sent fans into a frenzy.

Upon his appointment, it was quickly revealed that Richards had a sordid past. With previous lawsuits implicating him and a history of comments made against Women, Jewish people, and other groups, fans grew even more displeased with Richards taking over as a host.

Even without knowing his past, fans were displeased. Many felt like Richard’s position of power on the show landed him the position, and that all the guest-hosts trial runs went to complete waste. Those who rallied for popular guest hosts like LeVar Burton, Mayim Bialik, Ken Jennings and even Aaron Rodgers were baffled by the decision.

Then, the anti-defamation league requested an investigation into Richards’ past. Shortly after, Variety reported that Mike Richards will officially step down before even getting started. This leaves the hosting spot open again, and fans of LeVar burton are rallying hard for him to get the job.

LeVar Burton Got To Guest Host Jeopardy! Thanks to a Fan Petition

LeVar Burton, who previously starred in Star Trek and educated a generation with his work on Reading Rainbow, seemed like a shoo-in for his job. With his kind, calm temper and his history on Television, many of his fans were confused when Burton, who made it clear he’d love to host Jeopardy! , didn’t get asked to come on as one of the many guest hosts.

That all changed when fans made a petition to get Burton on the show, and it worked. But Burton’s life-long dream of hosting Jeopardy! that he talked about long before the position became available seemed to get crushed when Richards was appointed.

Now that production is back to square one, fans are rallying behind Burton once more.

“Jeopardy now has another chance to make the right choice and hire Levar Burton,” Rep Omari Hardy said in a tweet.

“Now Hire LeVar Burton you fools!” Talia Lavin wrote.

And with Jeopardy! in chaos right now after an embarrassing decision, many on the internet are getting in on the memes. Even Dictionary.com had their fun.

“Jeopardy” is a noun meaning “peril or danger.” Here it is in a sentence: “My job is in jeopardy because of my past comments,” the account wrote.

Fans are hoping that the higher-ups at Jeopardy! have learned their lesson, and will make a decision that honors the legacy left behind by Alex Trebek. For many, LeVar burton seems like the obvious candidate.