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‘Jeopardy!’: LeVar Burton Reportedly ‘Serious’ About Wanting to Permanently Replace Alex Trebek

by John Jamison
(Photo by Rick Kern/WireImage)

The power of the internet can’t be understated.

“Star Trek” star LeVar Burton first became aware of his “Jeopardy!” hosting potential when he saw an online petition calling for him to get the job. The petition has over 200,000 signatures, and now Burton is doubling down on his hosting hopes.

On an episode of a USA TODAY podcast, LeVar Burton once again expressed interest in becoming the permanent replacement for Alex Trebek on “Jeopardy!”

“This is something that I really think is a good idea. I think it’s a good fit of what the show is, what the show requires and what I feel like I bring to the table,” Burton said. “I feel as strongly about my rightness for this as I did about Kunta and Geordi. And I’m that invested in getting the job.”

While many consider Ken Jennings the presumptive favorite for the job, other guest hosts like Aaron Rodgers have also thrown their hat in the ring. So LeVar has his work cut out for him if he wants the role. But on the face of it, he very well may be the most qualified candidate of all.

Potential ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Has Plenty of Experience

Many know LeVar Burton as Geordi from “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” but the “Jeopardy!” hosting hopeful has more than 25 years of experience as a television host.

From 1983-2009, LeVar Burton hosted “Reading Rainbow.” It was one of the most impactful shows in the history of PBS, held in the same company as “Sesame Street” and “Mister Rogers.” The show won a handful of Emmy Awards, in part due to Burton’s contributions.

LeVar Burton Has Tons of Respect for Alex Trebek

Burton is no stranger to the “Jeopardy!” scene. In fact, he won a game of “Celebrity Jeopardy!” back in the mid-1990s.

He also claims to have watched the show nearly every night of his life since elementary school. We love a die-hard “Jeopardy!” fan. During his interview on the podcast, Burton recalled what it was like to witness Alex Trebek’s work.

“He was unbelievably smooth. You sense that on TV. In person it’s even more apparent just how comfortable he was. And relaxed. And very, very, very, very smooth. Just effortless. And I know how much work it takes to make it look that easy,” he said.