’Jeopardy!’: LeVar Burton’s Stint Comes to a Close, Who’s Guest Hosting Next?

by Jonathan Howard

Another week, another guest host. Jeopardy! just got done with its time with LeVar Burton. For Burton, it comes as a dream come true and hopefully a glimpse at his next job. The former Reading Rainbow host has been very public about wanting to replace Alex Trebek. Burton does make sense, but there will be more guests as the show keeps trying on proverbial hats.

The net host of Jeopardy! will be David Faber this week. Faber will be the host for next week’s shows between August 2nd and August 6th. Faber is best known as a finance journalist. For almost three decades, Faber has worked for CNBC. Not only has Faber done daily television, but he has also hosted several documentaries. Those docs range in topic from Wal-Mart and eBay and take a look further at many other corporations.

As far as finance journalists go, Faber has had quite a career and is one of the most well-known finance guys in media. While he doesn’t sit in front of a scrolling ticker with his dress sleeves rolled up, he provides financial advice in a more calm manner.

While Faber does a number of jobs for CNBC, his regular gig is hosting Business Nation. The show airs monthly and has been airing since 2007.

‘Jeopardy! Guest Hosts Galore

Ever since the passing of Alex Trebek, the long-running trivia show has been trying out just about everyone as host. The search has spanned many walks of life and backgrounds. As mentioned before, LeVar Burton was the latest to take over hosting duties. As far as guest hosts go, Burton has been the most vocal about his desire to take over full-time.

Other than Burton, the folks at Jeopardy! have tried just about everyone one could think of. Former contestants such as Ken Jennings have taken over hosting duties. Media personalities like Robin Roberts have stood behind the podium. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers QB, has even expressed his desire to take over as host.

There is a true issue with replacing Trebek. How do you replace the only person to ever host the show full-time? The folks in charge of finding the replacement have done quite a good job casting a wide net. There have been more new and media types than not, but that makes sense. The job is apparently more appealing than playing football in Green Bay if you ask a certain quarterback.

With David Faber taking control of the podium, fans will get to see yet another host give their small flare to the show. There isn’t much a host can do to change the format, and fans are not looking for any such thing in a new host. Burton makes a lot of sense, but Faber is up next. Perhaps he will impress.

Tune in to see David Faber perform as host of Jeopardy! next week.