‘Jeopardy!’: Marine Officer Contestant ‘Impresses’ Fans With Knowledge, One-Day Winning Total

by Thad Mitchell

Wednesday’s episode of the hit game show “Jeopardy!” saw a brand new champion emerge from the panel of three contestants.

Tyler Vandenburg, a Marine Officer from Washington, D.C., won yesterday’s “Jeopardy!” episode in impressive fashion. In winning his first match of the game show, Vandenburg collected $30,000 in winnings from the episode. He will return for Thursday evening’s episode where will defend his championship reign against two new contestants. Vandenburg went into Final Jeopardy! with a commanding lead of $22,000, much more than either of his opponents. His performance in his very first Jeopardy! contest was enough to impress several longtime “Jeopardy!” fans. Loyal watchers of the game show took to social media to congratulate Vandenburg on his impressive victory. Here are some examples of praise fans are heaping onto the military serviceman:

“I feel like a proud dad watching the young Marine LT on ‘Jeopardy!’ today,” a fan and social media user proclaims. “What an adorable little boot.”

“Going manifest the energy and confidence of the tank-trained Marine officer on ‘Jeopardy!’ tonight,” another says. “He’s answering the question on The Great Emu War of 1932. Those birds were no chickens.”

“This Marine is smart as hell,” another Vandenburg admirer says. “He’s giving Tim Moon a run for his money on ‘Jeopardy!’ the United States Marine Core should be proud.”

Other social media fans used the hashtag #teamtyler to congratulate the young Marine officer on a job well done.

‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Dominates First Match

Vandenburg played a terrific game and had the match all but wrapped up heading into the final clue of the match. Current “Jeopardy!” guest host George Stephanopoulos revealed the category for the final clue would be “animation,” giving the contestants time to think about their wagers. Despite an already commanding lead over his opponents, Vandenburg remained aggressive in the Final Jeopardy! showdown. He would wager a good chunk of his $22,000 in winnings and come up with the right answer to increase his lead. The final clue asked the contestants to name three cartoon ducks.

“Hint: Donald Duck is their uncle,” the social media post shares.

“Who are Huey, Luey and Dewey,” is the correct answer to solve the clue.

With the correct response, Vandenburg moved his total one-game winnings to $30,000. He will have the chance to earn even more when squares off against two new challengers in Thursday’s “Jeopardy!” match.

George Stephanopoulos is off to a good start in his “Jeopardy!” hosting tenure. The journalist and television host will continue his guest-hosting stint through the remainder of the week. His final episode will be this Friday. His colleague, Robin Roberts, is in the on-deck circle and will assume hosting responsibilities next week. Fan-favorite LeVar Burton will get his hosting opportunity after Roberts completes her stint.