‘Jeopardy!’: Matt Amodio Surpasses $1 Million in Winnings, How Far Is He Behind Ken Jennings?

by Madison Miller

On Friday, September 24, current “Jeopardy!” icon Matt Amodio reached a massive milestone as he continues to dominate the competition.

During his time on the show, Amodio has slowly accumulated a number of achievements that place him in the “Jeopardy!” hall of fame. For starters, he’s won 28 consecutive games and just crossed over the one-million-mark. His total earnings are now $1,004,001.

This makes him only the third person in the entire history of the show to win more than $1 million during the regular season. Other contestants have earned a million, but that includes tournament games.

Matt Amodio Versus Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer

Now, he’s battling to become the greatest “Jeopardy!” contestant of all time. In order to do that, he has to get through James Holzhauer and Ken Jennings first. Both Holzhauer and Jennings have had absolutely mind-blowing streaks and earnings during their previous times on the show.

When Holzhauer was on the show from April 4 to June 3, 2019, he was able to win a total of $2,462,216 during his 32-game streak. He was known for his big bets, which is how he accumulated so much money so quickly.

Ken Jennings was on the show back in 2004 for a total of 74 consecutive games. He ended up winning a total of $2,520,700 while he was there.

As for Matt Amodio, he’s got a lot of catching up to do. He is very close to passing Holzhauer in consecutive games won, but he is a long way away from their total earnings. If he wins the game this upcoming Thursday, he’ll be tied with 32 games. Then, it’ll all come down to the show on Friday to determine if he’ll get that second place slot.

If he wants to catch up to Jennings, he probably should continue to play it safer. This will ensure that he keeps his spot on the stage and doesn’t accidentally bet too hard and fall behind. He has a good quick approach to the buzzer and a balanced high, but not too high, wagering strategy.

‘Jeopardy!’ Love and Support

Whether he beats Jennings or Holzhauer, this was not how Amodio ever saw his time on “Jeopardy!” going. “This was beyond my wildest dreams going in. I knew it was a possibility, but I thought it was a very remote possibility, and to have it actually happen is unbelievable,” he said in a statement, according to Deseret.

Amodio doesn’t seem too focused on passing up Ken Jennings, seeing as he was a massive fan of his back when he made “Jeopardy!” history in 2004. At one point, Jennings tweeted that Amodio was “the ‘Jeopardy!’ story no one is following.” Amodio saw the tweet and got flustered to see his hero giving him a huge shoutout.

He replied, “Ken, you’ve been a hero and an inspiration to me for almost two decades. I just want to thank you for everything you’ve given to the world.”