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‘Jeopardy!’: Mayim Bialik Guest Hosting Debut Draws Rave Reviews from Fans

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

So far, so good for Jeopardy! guest host Mayim Bialik who took over the podium tonight for the first time and has earned rave reviews from fans.

Bialik is one of many in a series of interim hosts who have taken over since Alex Trebek passed away in November. From May 31 to June 11, she’ll be heading the popular game show. Her two-week stint as guest host follows this season’s Tournament of Champions, which just concluded on Friday.

Now, as Jeopardy! gets back to its regular routine, Bialik is looking to make her mark. The lifelong fan of the show is living out a dream by becoming the temporary host. From the initial reaction of Jeopardy! fans, she’s doing more than well, and some are even calling for her to take over permanently.

“Stop the search for a Jeopardy host and just give Mayim Bialik the job permanently right now,” one fan tweeted after her first episode.

“Mayim Bialik is really good as the host of Jeopardy!,” another fan wrote on Twitter.

“Mayim Bialik was great hosting #Jeopardy. One of the best guest hosts I’ve seen,” a third fan tweeted.

Other fans ranked their favorite guest hosts to date. Considering Bialik tops this fan’s list over two former Jeopardy! champions, you could say she’s doing alright.

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mayim Bialik Shares Why She’s Equipped For the Job

Most fans will know Mayim Bialik from her roles on the ’90s sitcom Blossom and the wildly popular The Big Bang Theory. However, many fans may not know just how deep her range of knowledge goes outside of Hollywood. It may actually be fair to call her more of an academic than an actress.

Bialik earned a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA to go along with her decades of experience on television. Yet it’s not the television experience that solely makes her well-equipped for her guest host role on Jeopardy!. It’s her knack for wanting to learn as much as she can, which was passed on from her parents.

“I think growing up with two crazy parents really made me equipped to do this,” Bialik joked in an exclusive Jeopardy! interview. “But, no, honestly when I think about the way that I was raised — you know I was raised by two public school teachers, who were documentary filmmakers, and artists. I was taught to learn as much as I could about everything. So, honestly, it’s really that, that I feel drives me.”

In addition, her years of acting experience will also come in handy on the game show. But she still gives all credit to her parents at the end of the day.

“I think that being an actor and a performer is really, really helpful for this,” she said. “But also being able to articulate all of these things — and I didn’t do it perfectly — but being able to kind of think on your feet and think fast and move quickly, that’s really just from being raised by my awesome parents.”