‘Jeopardy!’: Mayim Bialik Posts Emotional Video in Honor of Final Night as Guest Host

by Joe Rutland

It’s been quite a two-week run for “Jeopardy!” guest host Mayim Bialik, but it all comes to an end with the Friday, June 11, episode.

Bialik, who many viewers remember for her role on “The Big Bang Theory” and in the 1990s as “Blossom,” shares a video with fans. She expresses her gratitude as her time as guest host finishes. Take a look at what she tweeted out on Friday.

It’s a fitting way for Bialik to not only pay homage to late “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek but blend in portions of “Blossom” with Bialik herself hosting.

With Bialik stepping aside, “TODAY” co-anchor Savannah Guthrie begins a two-week stretch as guest host this coming Monday. Guthrie has been a part of the NBC morning show since 2011.

More guest hosts will follow Guthrie’s footsteps this season, where it will finish up with Fox Sports broadcaster Joe Buck doing a one-week stint on Aug. 9-13. A lot of “Jeopardy!” fans have been writing in to push for actor LeVar Burton to become the permanent host. He wants the role, so Burton gets a week-long guest host run on July 26-30.

Guthrie has made it clear, though, that she has a day job and isn’t interested in hosting the game show on a full-time basis. Earlier in June, she celebrated her 10th anniversary on “TODAY.”

What does Bialik do now that her time on the classic game show is over? Well, she’s keeping herself busy with an upcoming second season of her sitcom “Call Me Kat” on the board at FOX.

‘Jeopardy!’ Still Searching For Full-Time Host To Take Alex Trebek’s Place

The search for a full-time host, though, continues for executive producer Mike Richards. He definitely has his hands full as everyone from Burton to past champ Ken Jennings are getting pushes from fans.

Yet it’s clear that no final decision has been made. The next season, though, for “Jeopardy!” is just a couple of months away. Could the show do another year of guest hosts? Anything is possible when it comes to making such an important decision. One would think, though, that Richards doesn’t want to drag this decision on for a number of months.

Fans have had opportunities this season to have not only Jennings but another past champ, Buzzy Cohen, pop up on “Jeopardy!” as hosts. Cohen oversaw this season’s “Tournament of Champions,” taking his own experience in the tournament while handling host duties.

Besides Guthrie, Burton, and Buck, a few others are lined up to be guest hosts this season. Dr. Sanja Gupta of CNN will follow Guthrie. Two co-anchors from ABC’s “Good Morning America” take turns after him. George Stephanopolous gets a week, followed by Robin Roberts.