‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mayim Bialik Putting Another Iron in the Fire with New NBC Show

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Interesting turn of events for Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik! The game show host is now taking on a new mystery drama from NBC called In Between. 

According to Deadline, In Between was developed by All My Children actress turned writer/producer Liz Vassey and the Jeopardy! host. Merrin Dungey will star in the series. She is playing a role as a highly successful New York City therapist who is relocating to Between, Georgia. The town has a population of 297. The move was due to learning that her estranged brother was involved in a mysterious accident. As she tries to make a name for herself in the community, Dungey’s character soon realizes that the tiny town does have some big secrets.

The Jeopardy! host’s Sad Clown Productions is producing the show in association with Warner Bros. Television. Vassey will be writing and executive producing. Bialik will be executive producing as well. Bialik is currently working on the set of Jeopardy! and her hit Fox series Call Me Kat. 

Mayim Bialik Set to Present ‘Jeopardy! National College Championship’ in February 2022

On Thursday (December 2nd) The Wrap reported that Mayim Bialik will present Jeopardy! National College Championship next year. The media outlet reported that tehe multi consecutive-night event will feature 36 students from 36 universities from around the U.S. Each of the students will go head-to-head for nine days. 

The event is going to kick off on February 8th. Meanwhile, Bialik has been splitting temporary Jeopardy! hosting duties with the game show’s legend Ken Jennings. The duo is doing this while the production team continues the search for a permanent host to replace the late Alex Trebek. 

Originally, Mike Richard was set to be a permanent host of Jeopardy! but he departed from the position due to past comments he made on his podcast. 

Mayim Bialike Reflects on Being Picked as a Host on ‘Jeopardy!’

Following the news that Bialik would be hosting the 38th season of Jeopardy!, she declared in a Newsweek article, “I feel very honored to have been given the responsibility and the opportunity to step up into this hosting position. It’s been as dreamy as it was for the two days that I guest-hosted. I work very long days, but they fly by. We shoot five episodes a day and I get to meet fascinating people from all walks of life.”

The Jeopardy! host also wrote that everyone who works with her will say that as a person who has been acting since she was a kid, she goes where she’s pointed and does the job she’s told to do. “I do what’s in front of me. I don’t really follow the news aspect of my industry too much.”

Bialik goes on to add that she is grateful and honored to “carve out” so much of her time on behalf of Jeopardy! “Because I feel very connected to the show. The legacy and everything that Alex and the team behind the scenes have built.”