‘Jeopardy!’: Mayim Bialik Remembers Late Ed Asner and Cloris Leachman in Photo with Them at a Play

by Joe Rutland

“Jeopardy!” host and actress Mayim Bialik took the time to remember Ed Asner and his co-star, Cloris Leachman, by sharing a photo.

The photo which Bialik shared on Monday is a tribute from her to both Asner, who died on Sunday, and Leachman, who died earlier this year. Bialik explains where the photo comes from and a few words about both stars.

Bialik has appeared as an actress on “The Big Bang Theory” and before that on the 1990s sitcom, “Blossom.”

But she also was named one of the hosts for “Jeopardy!” this season. You may know that Mike Richards, who was selected to also be a host on the fabled game show, stepped down after one week on the job.

‘Jeopardy!’ Still Looking For Mike Richards’ Replacement

There were a lot of stories regarding Richards’ past behavior that gained attention. Richards, who had recently joined “Jeopardy!” as the show’s executive producer, still holds that role. But the game show, which had Alex Trebek as its longtime host before his death in 2020, is back in the market for another host.

Bialik is hosting some shows these days, yet the game show also is filling its schedule with reruns. No word has come down on a replacement for Richards as host. During the months-long guest host period, some fans pushed for “Reading Rainbow” and “Roots” star LeVar Burton to get that host role. Others were hopeful that former “Jeopardy!” champion Ken Jennings might take over for Trebek.

In the end, Sony Entertainment decided Richards and Bialik would be the best choices. Richards was going to host the daily “Jeopardy!” show. Bialik would host specials and a possible spin-off down the road. Well, Outsiders can see how all of that worked out.

It didn’t. When Sony settles on a replacement for Richards, we’ll let you know.

Show Executives Reached Out To Bob Costas About Hosting Role

While it would have been interesting to see what happened, show executives reached out to longtime sportscaster Bob Costas.

This was back in 2019 and Costas, who has done play-by-play for NBC Sports and MLB Network in his illustrious career, turned them down.

Sportscasting reported that he was approached about being a guest host. Sports columnist Jay Mariotti shared a text conversation he had with Costas. Well, Costas confirmed to Mariotti that he turned down the role.

“Would have been fun as a one-time experience, but I never saw myself as the right person for the job,” Costas said via text. “Whoever winds up doing it, I think he or she should be in their forties or early fifties. That seems like the best fit.”

“Jeopardy!” keeps on searching for another host and Bialik remains committed to the show.