‘Jeopardy!’: Mayim Bialik Reveals How Her Kids Reacted to Learning About Her Guest Hosting Gig

by Halle Ames
(Photo: FOX/ Getty Images)

Starting Monday, Mayim Bialik will take the stage of Jeopardy to begin her two-week hosting stint. How did the actress’s children respond to the news? 

Actress, author, and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik will join the long list of talented and A-list celebrities that get the honor of hosting the hit game show Jeopardy

Family Life

Mayim Bialik married Michael Stone back in 2003, but after ten years, the two split amicably. By 2016 the divorce was finalized. However, prior to their separation, the couple had two children together. They include 15-year-old Miles and 12-year-old Frederick. 

“It’s the end of a nuclear family,” the actress said in a YouTube video at the time. “It’s the end of a family living in one house. But we still have responsibilities to each other’s families and to our children as a family. I still talk to my ex-husband’s mother, father, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.”

When Bialik got word of the good news, was it her or her children that were more excited for their mother’s hosting debut? Jeopardy posted a clip on Youtube to tease the 45-years-old’s reign.  

“My older son is the one who originally said, ‘Did you know they’re looking for a Jeopardy host? I saw on the internet that maybe you should find out,’” reveals Mayim Bialik. “So, he was really, really, proud. He’s very, very excited and he, you know, at his age, knows kind of the impact of this show. My 12-year-old is a little less enthralled in general with me in the industry, but I think he knows it’s a very iconic thing, and mostly he’ll criticize what I look like ‘cause that’s what 12-year-olds do.”  

Jeopardy! Hype

Jeopardy! took to social media to further hype up Mayim Bialik’s guest-hosting stint. 

“This week, award-winning actor, author, and neuroscientist, Mayim Bialik.”  

The video cuts to Bialik, who touches on her longtime love for the game show. “I’ve been a Jeopardy! fan my entire life, but being the next Jeopardy! guest host? Dream. Come. True.”

“And it’s all for a good cause,” notes the narrator. 

“So far, Jeopardy! has donated more than $85,000 to the National Alliance on Mental Illness,” gushes the actress. 

“And it’s all part of a great week on Jeopardy!.” 

‘Surreal’ Moment for Mayim Bialik

Furthermore, Mayim Bialik posted on her social media account what an honor it was to be hosting Jeopardy!, calling the moment “surreal.”

“Still can’t believe this is happening!!! It’s all so surreal!!! And the first episode is happening on Monday! Tune in!! @Jeopardy.”

Tune in Monday to see how Bialik compares to the stiff competition all in the running for the permanent position on the show.