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‘Jeopardy!’: Mayim Bialik Reveals What Made Her Want to Guest Host

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Actor Mayim Bialik takes her turn behind the “Jeopardy!” podium as guest host starting on Monday. What led her to getting this opportunity?

“I can’t imagine not wanting to do anything involved with ‘Jeopardy!’,” Bialik said in an interview on the show’s YouTube channel. “I offered to sweep the floors and they said, ‘No, you can guest host.’ This is such an iconic and unbelievable piece of our collective culture.

“To be considered to be part of it in any way is such an immense honor,” she said. “Especially for someone who’s dedicated so much of my life to academia, to knowing things, to be able to communicate things.”

‘Jeopardy’ Guest Host Known By Many For Role On ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Bialik is known by millions of “The Big Bang Theory” fans for playing Amy, the long-suffering girlfriend of Sheldon, played by Jim Parsons. Yet Bialik is more than an actor, also known for playing the lead role in the 1990s show “Blossom” and in a new show called “Call Me Kat.” She is a neuroscientist who earned her Ph.D. from UCLA.

So if you think Bialik joins “Jeopardy!” simply on the basis of her acting career, then think again. It should be quite a two-week stint for her guiding contestants.

By the way, Bialik’s charity during her two weeks as host, which starts Monday and runs through June 11, will be the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

“Jeopardy!” will have Savannah Guthrie as its next guest host once Bialik’s time comes to an end.

Show’s Fans Gush Over Job Buzzy Cohen Did During ‘Tournament of Champions’

Bialik will start on Monday, so get ready for that “Jeopardy!” fans. In the meantime, let’s take a look back at the job done by Buzzy Cohen.

Cohen was guest host during the “Tournament of Champions” in the previous two weeks. He’s also a “Tournament” winner, too, and has a deep respect for the game show.

Fans were quite impressed with his work on the show. They showed him some love on Twitter.

@buzztronics I like Buzzy a lot @Jeopardy. He would make a good host full time. He paces everything really well and he sounds so friendly,” one fan wrote.

“OK. What do we need to do to get @buzztronics to be the next #Jeopardy host? He did a fantastic job,” another Twitter fan wrote.

“Thank you @Jeopardy and the champions for an incredible #TournamentofChampions@buzztronics did a fantastic job as host,” yet another fan said.

No final decision on who officially takes over as permanent host on the game show has been made. It’ll be a bit, so “Jeopardy!” fans will have guest hosts through the end of this season.