‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mayim Bialik Shares Photo at Super Bowl LVI

by Matthew Memrick

“Jeopardy!” co-host Mayim Bialik showed off a fun photo from Super Bowl LVI on Sunday.

Bialik looked like she had a great seat near the Bengals’ end zone, showing a pre-game Twitter photo on Sunday. She donned a pair of black-rimmed glasses and delivered a perfect smile for the pro football event.

More than 2,000 of her fans liked the photo. Some wished her fun at the SoFi Stadium game in Los Angeles.

One Twitter fan said, “Who knew Neuroscientists like American football! Shalom, Mayim!”

Fans Not Thrilled With Bialik’s ‘Single Jeopardy’ Usage

So now that Mayim Bialik has the keys to the “Jeopardy!” hosting gig again, she’s done something to the distaste of longtime show fans.

“Jeopardy!” master Ken Jennings tagged out of the ring, and Bialik has the top spot again, changing one of her hosting habits.

According to Yahoo!, Mayim Bialik has been using the term “Single Jeopardy” instead of the traditional “Jeopardy” round. Sure, it’s a technicality, but the hardcore fans call the first round Jeopardy.

The “term” also worked its way into Thursday’s regular show and the National College Championship.

Needless to say, we’ll have to wait and see if those hardcore fans will get used to it or keep throwing their hands in the air over the term.

Recently, Mayim Bialik admitted to Variety Magazine that “speaking Jeopardese” has been challenging. One of the most considerable pressures of the show is that she deals with high-pressure situations. She said she had to have a unique response for every correct answer while coming up with a cue for the impending commercials. 

Bialik Staying Busy, Will Make Feature Director Debut Soon 

The actress and “Jeopardy!” host recently had her feature directorial debut picked up by Quiver Distribution.

Bialik wrote and directed “As They Made Us,” a dysfunctional family dramedy. The movie comes out on video on demand and in theaters on April 8. Deadline reported the deal this past Thursday.

The star-studded cast features Diana Agron, former “Big Bang Theory” co-star Simon Helberg, Candice Bergen, and Dustin Hoffman.

The plot revolves around Abigail (Agron), a divorced mother of two. The woman struggles to balance the forces in her messed-up family while finding new love. The movie also features Justin Chu Cary, Charlie Weber, and her current “Call Me Kat” co-star, Julian Gant.

“We are thrilled to be able to share Mayim’s feature film debut with audiences,” said Berry Meyerowitz and Jeff Sackman in a joint statement. “With a stellar cast in an intelligent and funny film, this relatable family story and Mayim’s touching script will surely hit home with viewers across many generations.”

Bialik On Her Hosting Job: ‘I Stopped Reading The Comments’

The host admitted that she stopped reading viewer comments in a recent Variety Magazine article. The host said fans “have such strong opinions” about the show that she tries not to pay attention to them.

She prefers to have a “neutral presence as much as possible” not to become an issue

“I get to be myself. I make a lot of stupid jokes. Ken and I both want to highlight our contestants, make them feel comfortable, make them feel good,” she added.